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The history of Ferretto Group spans more than 60 years. It started in 1956, with the production of metal furnishings and shelving, and continues today, with state-of-the-art automated vertical storage systems. 

Its roots lie in the experience of historical brands - Armes for metal shelving and industrial mezzanines, Promag for automatic storage systems, Bertello for vertical lift modules and carousels, and Egeria for warehouse management software – which merged over time into a single large corporation.

A history of innovation and research, but also of passion and new challenges to be faced. This blog is about us: what we do, our values, our products.

We will bring you into the world of material storage and handling, presenting the Group, describing the market trends and providing useful information to businesses when choosing the logistics system most suited to their needs.
The articles on this blog will make up a kind of guide to the field of industrial shelving, vertical storage systems, automated storage and retrieval systems for handling pallets, boxes, bulk products, bars and plates.

We will share our experience, our passion and the competence accumulated over more than half a century working with companies, designing and manufacturing innovative and integrated materials handling solutions.

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