Accurate, fast and safe picking? The Put & Go cart takes care of it

The Vertimag storage system becomes even more efficient with the Put & Go cart. Officially presented at MECSPE in Bologna, the new picking system is one of the innovative products launched by the Ferretto Group in 2022. The cart, thanks to its Put-to-Light stations, facilitates order preparation, directing the picking staff by means of specific light indications. Thus, the Put & Go cart becomes the perfect ally of automatic vertical storage systems, increasing their performance and facilitating picking and placing activities. Let's learn more.

The advantages of the Put & Go cart 

  • Quicker picking operations
  • More efficient order fulfillment
  • Fewer errors thanks to the Put-to-Light system
  • High manoeuvrability
  • 300 kg load capacity
  • Long autonomy and flexibility thanks to the WiFi connection and lithium batteries

How Put & Go works
The Put & Go cart is made up of a metal shelving unit with 3 height-adjustable shelves, each of which is equipped with 4 Put-To-Light (PTL) stations. Each of the 12 stations corresponds to a location, equipped with an identification barcode label generated by the Ferretto Group's WMS. Each location is provided with a container where the operator places the items of a specific order list, according to the instructions displayed on a 5-digit alphanumeric display. The operation is confirmed by means of a button to which up to 6 different colours can be associated, relating to the storage systems from which the operator must pick the goods.

Great flexibility

The Put & Go cart can be used in two modes depending on whether the operators are working on a single or multiple storage systems simultaneously.

  • Multiple mode: All storage systems operate at the same time to fill the cart. In this mode, several operators can work at the same time to pick items from different storage systems and place them in specific boxes on the cart. In this case, the PTL will flash different colours according to the storage system from which the item was picked and will show the operators where to place the item.
  • Single mode: Only one storage system at a time is used to fill the cart. In this mode, the operator will load the cart with all the items from the list, picking them from one storage system at a time. Once all the picking operations from the storage system are complete, the PTL will light up orange and the display will indicate the number of the storage system for the subsequent picking operations.

A range of accessories to customize picking
To meet the specific needs of companies and facilitate picking operations, the Put & Go cart can also be equipped with additional accessories such as:

  • Boxes for order preparation
  • Barcode/RFID reader
  • Label printer
  • LGV towing hook

Vertimag and Put & Go are a perfect match
Compatible with different types of systems, the new "Put & Go" cart is ideal for picking on Vertimag machines. This solution gives a further boost to the efficiency of the vertical storage system, which - thanks to its ability to handle material of any shape, size and weight - meets the needs of the most diverse production sectors. Available in 15 versions from 3 to 12 meters high, Vertimag enables companies to optimize space – with a reduction of up to 90% of the footprint compared to a traditional storage system – and improve the efficiency of logistics: automation eliminates errors, cuts process times, and ensures maximum safety for operators and goods. Real advantages that become even more relevant if Vertimag is combined with the Put & Go cart.

Great flexibility

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