Why automated vertical storage systems should be serviced regularly

Why should automatic vertical storage systems be serviced regularly? For at least three reasons: to keep them running as efficiently as possible, prevent problems and keep goods and staff completely safe at all times. Ferretto Group has always taken great care over the maintenance of its automated vertical storage systems and provided customers with dedicated after-sales service. It goes without saying that the goal is to make sure that its storage and handling systems continue to offer unbeatable performance as time goes by. 

What does servicing for vertical storage systems involve?

As with cars, it’s a simple but important maintenance process that helps to keep logistics systems running properly and efficiently over time. It essentially means that full check-ups are carried out regularly to make sure that automated storage systems and all of their parts are working properly. Improvements may also be made to elements such as the management software.

What does servicing for vertical storage systems involve?
When should you get your storage system serviced?

When should you get your storage system serviced?

Generally speaking, just like in the automotive industry, every 20,000 cycles a message comes up on the panel PC of the machine, informing the operator that it needs to be serviced. In addition, it is advisable that maintenance be carried out on a machine after its first year of use.

What checks are made?

In order to ensure that customers can always count on unbeatable performance from their automated vertical storage systems, Ferretto Group’s technicians painstakingly check a number of things:

STAGE 1 Electromechanical check-up for the vertical storage system

  •          General safety systems check-up
  •          Checking the alignment and positioning of sensors and photocells
  •          Cleaning filters and checking electric components are securely fastened
  •          Checking safety barriers and inductive magnetic limit switches

 STAGE 2 Mechanical check-up for the vertical storage system

  •          Tightening belts and chains
  •          Checking the state of components, looking for signs of wear and tear, and replacing parts if necessary
  •          Cleaning and greasing rotating parts 

 STAGE 3 Software check-up:

  •          Checking for the latest software release 

Remotely updating to the latest version from our office.

What checks are made?
After-sales service: a whole team to support customers

After-sales service: a whole team to support customers

In order to provide a satisfactory service that meets the expectations of its customers, Ferretto Group has put together a team of After-sales Account Managers to cover specific geographical areas. It ensures that the company’s qualified technicians can provide comprehensive coverage throughout the area at all times and respond quickly to all check-up and maintenance requests.

In addition to helping the company’s partners with all their servicing needs, the team’s goal is to make sure enough support is always available for those who choose Ferretto Group solutions when reorganizing their logistics and storage system management, by facilitating customer-supplier communication, improving responses to customer needs and assisting companies during the technological upgrading required to get the best possible performance out of systems.


How to book a service

If you need to book a service for your automated vertical storage system or you’d like more information, please contact our technicians.

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