"Automation for intralogistics" – the Ferretto Group applies its vast experience to the ISB Industries needs

"Inside a logistics center 4.0: the advantages of automation in the warehouse". This was the “journey” the Ferretto Group proposed to the participants of the “Automation for intralogisticswebinar organized by Logistica Efficiente on July 7, 2021. It was an event with an interesting topic which the Ferretto Group wanted to expand on by presenting some reflections on the current and future importance of automation in logistics as well as a case study in order to demonstrate the “hands on” benefits an automated storage system for efficient production processes and the resulting increased competitiveness of a company. Specifically, the case study illustrated by Marcello Vergano, Automation Product Manager at Ferretto Group, concerned the system designed and built for ISB Industries: a system that enabled a three-fold increase in storage capacity and improved the traceability and management of the goods. Here is a summary of the presentation.

New technologies open up new opportunities

In order to talk about intralogistics automation, it is first of all necessary to talk about the context in which companies operate today. As in other sectors, the effect of digitalization in logistics is certainly felt and new technologies open up new and interesting possibilities:

  • Automation
  • Integration
  • IoT Technology
  • Artificial intelligence systems
  • Data Analysis

    These are tools with which companies will increasingly have to deal with if they want to ensure more efficient, safe and smart warehouse management, in line with the demands of a fast and continuously evolving market. New demands to meet It is not only technologies that change. The constant confrontation with customer demands highlights the consolidation of new needs across all sectors:
  • Just in time logistics
  • Fast, accurate and safe process management
  • Flexible and scalable systems able to adapt to changes
  • Efficient interconnections between departments and towards increasingly improved safety systems for operators and products.

The advantages of an automatic storage system

In this context, and in the face of these demands, automated solutions offer concrete advantages, including:

  • Space optimization. Considering the same amount of goods stored, an automatic storage system has a 5 to 10 times smaller footprint compared to a traditional storage structure. For many companies this is a vital aspect when increased storage needs collide with the impossibility of expanding the surface.
  • Precision and speed of operation. Fully automated solutions equipped with reliable tracking systems enable a reduction in stock without risking going out of stock and therefore reduce the amount of capital tied up. The ability to accurately track all goods stored and handled in an automatic storage system is a fundamental aid with regard to the monitoring and traceability of products.
  • Quality control. Depending on the instructions provided to the system, the storage system can automatically determine which and how many goods should be subjected to random verifications, to keep batches of products blocked waiting for verification, to extract targeted samples for more precise verifications, or remove all the products from a given batch for reconditioning or disposal.
  • Safety of operators and goods. With the "goods to man" concept applied the operators remain stationary in the picking bays, and the goods are automatically conveyed to them for order preparation. Picking bays can be ergonomically equipped, well lit and set up in rooms that, if necessary, can be equipped with temperature control systems.
  • Efficiency of the logistics chain. Automatic storage systems translate into reduced picking times and lead time of orders, whether the picking involves whole pallets or mixed packages. With the “goods to man” concept, performance is increased significantly and picking errors are completely eliminated.
The advantages of an automatic storage system

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