E-commerce – Why choose a vertical storage system?

The significant growth in online commerce recorded in recent years and amplified in several sectors during the pandemic represents a new challenge, including in terms of logistics. In a market where an increasing number of companies operate with e-commerce systems, competition is in fact also played out on new grounds that directly impact warehousing, that is, the availability of products, the speed of deliveries, and the flexibility in managing peaks in orders. Therefore, companies have to switch over to just-in-time logistics and in this context the use of automatic vertical storage systems can make the difference. Let's see why.

The new demands of e-commerce
More and more consumers tend to buy online and companies need to adapt their management systems and processes to the new demands in order to guarantee efficiency and timeliness. In particular, logistics at the service of e-commerce must ensure the highest standards in terms of:

  • flexibility and space optimization to efficiently deal with peaks in orders and changes in stock;
  • traceability and management of all goods in order to have constant and continuous control of stock based on the orders received;
  • speed and accuracy of picking operations to ensure full compliance with the conditions agreed upon with customers;
  • interconnection with other business systems to facilitate functional management processes and an up-to-date and effective exchange of information.

An automated warehouse for efficient service to increasingly challenging customers

In this scenario, to increase competitiveness and the quality of customer service, many companies are choosing to take advantage of the benefits ensured by automation and, in particular, by vertical automatic storage systems such as Vertimag. The characteristics of these solutions - flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency in the management of stock and product flows - make them particularly useful for e-commerce activities.
A vertical automatic storage system such as Vertimag ensures:

  • efficient storage and management of goods of all formats, weights and sizes
  • space optimization
  • improved inventory management
  • faster order preparation
  • accurate picking operations and error reduction
  • increased safety and ergonomics for personnel
  • increased protection of the goods stored
  • complete flow management and data exchange with corporate ERPs.
An automated warehouse for efficient service to increasingly challenging customers
Vertimag features that make the difference

Vertimag features that make the difference

More space for production. The vertical layout of a storage system like Vertimag guarantees a reduction of the needed space to as little as 1/10 compared to a traditional racking solution. In this way, more space is available for storage or other production needs.
Flexibility for an evolving market. With 120 tray combinations, Vertimag can store the most diverse items. In this way, companies can count on a module-based approach and on the adaptability of the system when managing flows that can change very quickly.
Total control of the warehouse. Automation allows continuous monitoring of the warehouse. Operators can verify stock and flows, as well as the position and quantity of products available, at any time and in real time. This is a real leap in order management and in picking activities.
Unparalleled speed and accuracy. The wide range of trays and the many accessories available (dividers, corrugated trays) ensure that goods are stored in an orderly and smart way, with a tangible reduction in order picking and lead times.
A storage system that is always interconnected. The management software dialogues with the corporate ERP in order to manage item databases, advanced searches and production lists. An interconnection that translates into the complete traceability and management of stock and flows.
Safety and ergonomics at work. Tray height and structure – together with the various accessories - ensure that operators always work safely and with perfect ergonomics, which results in more comfortable and accurate picking operations.

Many accessories to support operators.

Vertimag also simplifies and improves the work of operators thanks to the availability of special accessories and devices.
These include, for example:

  • Alphanumeric LED bar: excellent for increasing picking speed while reducing errors
  • Laser pointer: immediately identifies the product to be picked
  • Sliding console: always at the side of the operator during the intensive picking typical of e-commerce activities
  • Ergo-tech bay: an exclusive Ferretto Group solution, especially suitable for intensive picking as it allows operators to maintain an ergonomic position.
Many accessories to support operators.

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