Ferretto Group: storage system automation begins with R&D
The company has created a highly specialized Research and Development department over the years. Its latest innovative project will be presented at MECSPE in Parma

In a market increasingly oriented towards customized solutions, innovation has become a fundamental strategic component to ensure the efficiency and functionality of automatic storage systems. In the storage and material handling industry, investing in Research and Development is critical in order to meet market needs. This is particularly true for companies like the Ferretto Group, which carry out the entire production process in-house, that is, structure and system design, management software development, as well as an entire family of support services. Vertical storage systems, storage systems with stacker cranes, Steel Towers and Flexy shuttles used for industrial shelving: behind and inside each system there is the expertise that results from the constant investments and continuous commitment dedicated to research and to the development of new solutions and of improvements for the existing systems.

Innovation in the spotlight at MECSPE in Parma
While those who work in Research and Development are inevitably always looking forward, there are moments in which the value of specific projects comes to the fore. This is the case of the last important project that kept the Ferretto Group technicians busy for many months. The project, which combines the Group's experience in automation with new innovative solutions, will be unveiled at the end of March with an official presentation during the MECSPE exhibition in Parma. To stay up-to-date and find out how to participate in the event, sign up for our newsletter.

A highly specialized Research and Development team
At the historic headquarters in Vicenza, the Ferretto Group has created a true Research and Development center with a dedicated team which has grown over the years and today is responsible for studying and implementing solutions for the improvement, stabilization and development of products, as well as for the optimization of warehouse management processes and systems, starting from the WMS (Warehouse Management System) software. It is here that new mechanical systems are developed and innovative solutions are tested, including through FEM simulation.

Automation can be customized with the software designed by the Ferretto Group
The investment in Research and Development has enabled the Ferretto Group to design and develop its own warehouse management software internally: the WMS Ejlog. This software is characterized by a flexible architecture which makes it "customizable" for all types of storage solutions - from automatic systems to traditional shelving served by Flexy shuttles - and can be fully integrated in a company’s ERP system. Management and control of materials and stock, optimization of space and flows, simultaneous management of all storage and handling systems, remote control: the advantages offered by this "tailor-made" software allow companies to benefit from truly customized logistics solutions.

Training to grow (together)
"You never stop learning" goes an old saying... For this reason, special attention is paid to the training of the technicians who work for the company. The investment in human capital thus takes shape in specific training activities addressed to internal staff as well as suppliers and provided by the Research and Development staff and by qualified external resources. In addition, multidisciplinary collaborations with innovative Italian companies are initiated for special projects. Today as in the past, these opportunities for sharing skills are one of the best ways to guarantee the development and improvement of the company.

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