Food & Beverage – Labels can be handled orderly and carefully in automatic storage systems

Those who work in Food & Beverage know how important the labeling phase is. Order, protection, and precision are even more critical requirements in a warehouse where labels to be placed on final products are stored. Not only are errors not acceptable, but the labels themselves must be kept in excellent condition as they will be one of the distinguishing factors of the goods. The use of automatic vertical warehouses can provide companies significant support. Let's see how, through the example of the new Vertimag, the system designed by the Ferretto Group to offer a storage solution capable of managing materials of any format, weight and dimension.

The advantages in label storage:
- greater order
- speed and ease of picking
- decreased errors
- better traceability and stock management
- label integrity protection

Automatic vertical storage systems for Food & Beverage
Automatic vertical storage systems are now one of the most suitable solutions to meet the needs of the Food & Beverage sector: from space optimization to high product traceability, from protection of materials to efficiency in stock management. In particular, the use of a vertical storage system enables companies to maximize floor space - with Vertimag the footprint is reduced to just 1/10 of traditional solutions - and, thanks to automation, to improve flow management and minimize picking errors, increasing order processing and operator safety.

Trays guarantee the safe and orderly storage of labels

Labels are a fundamental part of Food & Beverage products: they make the product recognizable and contain important information for customers. Thus their storage becomes an operation that requires care and attention. Compared to traditional shelving, where labels risk getting dirty or damaged, the trays of automatic vertical storage systems are safer and more protected. Furthermore, the possibility of using different types of dividers increases order thereby facilitating and speeding up picking operations.

No more errors thanks to automation
The greater order with which labels are stored also translates into a decrease in errors. In fact, automation facilitates the precise traceability and management of stock, while tools such as the laser pointer and the alphanumeric LED bar guide operators and result in more accurate and hassle-free picking. Moreover, an automatic vertical storage system such as Vertimag is designed to guarantee the best working conditions for operators. Operators can always work in maximum safety and with perfect ergonomics, guaranteed by the height and structure of the system.

Space is important: Why waste it?
Vertical storage systems make it possible to obtain concrete advantages in terms of space. The reduction of the footprint compared to traditional systems is certainly the most significant benefit, but it is not the only one. The flexible configuration of Vertimag, for example, allows the positioning of trays with variable heights based on the type of UL stored. By taking advantage of the possible combinations, it is possible to have different tray heights with the same load bearing capability. The advantage? If you have short products, such as labels, you can use trays with low sides and, therefore, also save space in height.

Trays guarantee the safe and orderly storage of labels

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