Food & Beverage – The efficiency of automatic storage systems for perishable products

Space optimization, product traceability, management of high-density flows, low-temperature operations: companies in the Food & Beverage industry face a number of challenges every single day.
For those who work with perishable food products as well as products needing special storage conditions, being able to count on an effective storage and picking system becomes an essential condition to meet the needs of partners and consumers, and also to be competitive, especially in a market demanding just-in-time deliveries.
For this reason, more and more companies choose to install storage systems equipped with automatic stacker cranes or vertical storage systems able to combine flexibility, speed, accuracy, and maximum efficiency in the management of flows. We have already seen the advantages that automation offers in the storage of labels; now let’s see why automatic systems are ideal for companies that handle perishable goods or goods with expiration dates.

Inventory management always under control

Inventory management always under control Thanks to the management software developed in-house by the Ferretto Group, automated storage systems ensure efficient management of product picking and placing based on expiration dates. In this way, companies have seamless control over flows and orders, which is critical for goods having an expiry date. The benefits? Punctual deliveries, optimized inventory management, and no errors.

Perfect storage conditions with controlled temperature
A cornerstone for food logistics is the ability to preserve the products in stock. Not only in terms of safety, but also with respect to storage conditions. Automated storage systems offer the highest standards of goods preservation, also because they can be insulated in order to maintain the temperature-controlled environment perishable products may need. Thanks to the customized solutions designed by the Ferretto Group, for example, frozen products can even be managed at -20°, ensuring safe and effective storage and handling operations.

Inventory management always under control
Speed and accuracy with efficient picking

Speed and accuracy with efficient picking

Another factor never to be underestimated is the picking system. A solution such as the Flexy pallet shuttle offers speed and accuracy in the handling of materials and is ideal especially for multi-depth solutions and high-density storage, as well as cold rooms or temperature-controlled environments. Furthermore, the management software allows the shuttle system to be interconnected to the company ERP for just-in-time warehouse management.

Space optimization
Space is another decisive factor in the logistics of products with (and without) an expiry date. Once again, automation enables a qualitative leap, optimizing the use of the available floor space in a warehouse. For example, the Vertimag vertical storage system maximizes the use of floor space and reduces the occupied area to 1/10 compared to traditional solutions. By taking advantage of the height of the warehouse, companies can expand storage volume and allocate the remaining space to other uses.

Customized solutions for concrete results
The Ferretto Group’s ability to design customized solutions, developed entirely in-house from the design to the management software, has enabled the company to establish itself as the logistics partner and point of reference for many companies in the food industry, in particular the dairy, milling and wine production sectors. Learn more about our success stories in the Food & Beverage sector.

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