Automated Storage System for bars and plates
Introduction to automatic storage systems for sheet metal
Key factors and objectives of the main categories of automatic storage solutions for sheet metal

In the materials storage and handlingsectorthere are products that represent a real challenge. This is the case of metal sheets, panels and plates which, due to their characteristics - not least of alltheir delicate natureand size - require specific customized solutions offering space optimization, handling precision and efficient management with no compromise on safety. Automated storage systems are among the logistics solutions that best meet the needs of the companies operating in this sector. With over 60 years of experience in the handling, archiving and storage business, Ferretto Group now offers different automated solutions for sheets, panels, and plates.

Key factors: size, fragility, integration in the production line

Sheet metal, marble, stone or conglomerate slabs, wood and plywood panels: these materials have particular characteristics that must be carefully considered when choosing a storage and handling system. The size of the product - up to 4,000 mm by 2,000 mm - requires the use of solutions that reduce the storage space and of handling systems that guarantee efficient loading/unloading operations.
Even the different thickness of bars and slabs (for example, metal sheets can be from 1 to 30 mm thick) is a determining factor when it comes to choosing the right storage and handling solution.
Further aspects that must be considered are the type of material - raw, semi-finished or finished - and the ability of the storage system to integrate with other machines and production cycle lines, like laser cutting machines.

Key factors: size, fragility, integration in the production line
The objectives of a sheet metal storage system

The objectives of a sheet metal storage system

The designer of an automatic storage system for sheet metal, bars and plates must therefore consider the specific needs of the customer, which can be summed up as follows:

  • maximizing storage capacity, with particular focus on the need to store material while minimizing the footprint and maximizing the storage density;
  • diversifying the type of storagein order to offersolutions that also allow the storage of materials coming from intermediate processing, thus providing a single storage system which is both economical and flexible;
  • guaranteeing interconnections with external systemsin order to meet any need for automatic feeding and temporary storage,from individual machines up to complex multiple lines, thus exploiting production capacitiesas much as possible;
  • providing real time control of the storage system.

The 3 main types of storage solutions for sheet metal

Ferretto Group designs and manufactures customized systems.However, three main categories of automatic solutions for metal sheet and plate storage can be identified. They can be distinguished from one another based on capacity,type of storage and number and type of interconnections with external systems:

  • automated stackercrane storage and retrieval systems, characterized by high storage capacity and the possibility of managing a virtually infinite number of interconnections with external machine tools and lines;
  • multi-function storage systemswith a lift module, suitable for high-density storage of raw and semi-finished materials, and able to manage up to a maximum of 3 interconnections with machine tools;
  • limited capacity compact storage systemswith a lift module and a connection with a single low-speed machine tool.

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