Metalworking sector. The advantages of an automatic vertical storage system
More space, increased order, and maximum safety, even with bulky products: this is how automatic vertical storage systems meet the needs of companies in the sector

An old advertisement said that to paint a large wall "you don't need a big brush, but a quality brush". We could partially reuse this slogan to describe the logistical needs of some industrial sectors. Let's take, for instance, the world of metalworking and hydraulics. There are companies that deal with large, heavy or difficult-to-handle products, perhaps alongside others that are smaller and easier to manage. In these cases, a "big storage system" can certainly help, but a "quality storage system" can make all the difference. This is the case of automatic vertical storage systems which enable the reduction of the footprint by taking advantage of the vertical space and, thanks to automation, ensure order in storage, speed in picking operations, and a concrete reduction in errors.

Not just efficiency: The needs of the metalworking sector
Warehouse requirements are numerous and critical for many companies operating in the metalworking sector. Among the most common are:
- the drive to optimize space for the storage of often heavy and bulky products
- the need to guarantee handling systems that are safe for both goods and personnel 
- the need to facilitate full integration with heavy-duty lifting systems such as jib cranes
- efficient monitoring and better management of stock.
Automatic vertical storage systems respond efficiently to these and other typical requests of the sector. The new Vertimag by the Ferretto Group, for example, provides the added value of its high-level ergonomics, which make the handling of the load units by personnel simple, safe, and precise.

The advantages of Vertimag:
- Increased performance
- Storage capacity for heavy and bulky materials
- Safety and ergonomics in picking operations
- Space optimization

Increased performance

Vertimag was developed to be a storage solution for materials of any format, weight, and dimension. It is precisely its great flexibility that guarantees efficiency even for companies operating in the metalworking sector. The automation, in fact, speeds up and facilitates picking operations, while the order inside the trays ensures precision and accuracy with a consequent reduction in errors. An automatic storage system also ensures better inventory management. With the software connected to the company ERP, all departments are interconnected and all items in the storage system are monitored in real time. Moreover, the materials are protected from the risks of breakage that may occur during handling and storage operations. This latter aspect is particularly relevant when, for example, the load units are molds.

Heavy load units? No Problem
One of the distinctive features of Vertimag is the wide range of trays available which make it suitable for the storage of different materials. To meet the needs of companies that operate with heavy and bulky products, a tray was designed which is 4,250 mm wide by 1,030 mm deep, with a load capacity of 990 kg. Thanks also to the possible integration with lifting systems suitable for heavy loads, Vertimag simplifies load unit picking operations which would otherwise be more difficult to maneuver from the trays.

Ergonomics and safety at work
Ensuring optimal and safe working conditions for personnel is always a top priority. If possible, even more attention is needed when working with heavy load units. Thanks to the availability of 6 different types of bay, companies can choose the Vertimag configuration that best suits their needs. Single or double, internal or external, the exclusive Ergo-tech: all bays are designed to optimize picking operations. In fact, the tray always comes out at the same height enabling personnel to work in an ergonomic position: picking activities are simpler, faster and above all safer, without difficult or even dangerous lifting and bending positions. In this way, automation is confirmed as a valid system for the prevention and protection of the health of personnel, as well as an opportunity to reduce errors.

Efficiency rises to the top
There is no warehouse that does not have a need for space optimization. As in many sectors, the ability to better manage the company's production areas is also a strategic competitive factor for the metalworking industry. A characteristic of automatic vertical storage systems is the manner in which they facilitate the concrete optimization of space: by taking advantage of the available vertical space, Vertimag enables, for example, a reduction in the system's footprint, up to 90% compared to traditional solutions. This optimization of space is especially appreciated when the storage involves heavy and bulky load units. Yet another factor that transforms a "big storage system" into a "quality storage system".

Increased performance

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