New Vertimag, when innovation leads to efficiency
Thanks to the new management software and a user friendly interface, the new automatic vertical storage system allows operators to quickly check the machines and dynamically manage all operations.

Simplifying operations in order to increase productivity: this was the starting point for the Ferretto Group developers in designing the software and the management system for the new Vertimag. The end result? The push for innovation has allowed us to make this storage solution even more efficient thanks also to its new graphic interface which is simpler, more intuitive, and equipped with touch controls. In fact, the user friendly and customizable dashboard enables operators to quickly check the status of all the machines and dynamically manage the compartmentalization of trays, so as to monitor stock and the position of items in the tray. Therefore, Vertimag not only significantly reduces the space needed and maximizes flexibility for the storage of items of any shape, weight and size, it also improves productivity and inventory management. Let's see how.

The innovation behind the new Vertimag

Thanks to the software, designed and developed in-house by the Ferretto Group, all picking operations are monitored and logged. The storage system can be connected to the company's management software (ERP) and communicate with it to manage item data, advanced searches, and production lists. This ensures complete order traceability and allows product inventory to be monitored in real time.
1. Comfort and safety: to ensure the best working conditions, the new Vertimag operating interface is based on a 12-inch touch-screen panel PC that automatically adapts to the light of the environment and is optimized for use with standard work gloves. To ensure the safety and security of the machine and the goods, access is only possible via login by the authorized personnel.
2. User friendly management: operators can check the status of all machines from the dashboard. Information on any selected product and access to the many other functions of the machine can be obtained without exiting the main menu. Items can be searched by code or description and users can check in which unit the product is stored and obtain information on the number of items available in real time. It is also possible to send the tray containing the product in question to the bay for immediate picking.
3. A storage system that is always under control: the software dedicated to maintenance enables the operator to check the status of each storage system by listing the maintenance activities to be performed, their timing, the log of operations, and any special equipment needed. When the scheduled maintenance is due, the operator can request assistance or the servicing of the unit directly from the same page: a detailed report on the status of the machine is automatically sent to the Ferretto Group Service Department together with the request.


The innovation behind the new Vertimag
The benefits of innovation

The benefits of innovation

Thanks to the management software application and to a user friendly interface, the Vertimag automatic vertical storage system ensures maximum traceability and provides real-time and accurate inventory information. All this translates into concrete benefits:
1. Improved inventory management: the operator always knows the exact number of items available, which avoids understocking and overstocking.
2. Faster order preparation: through better management of flows and products, picking list processing times are reduced.
3. Reduced errors, thanks to the automation of picking and placing activities.
4. Increased productivity, thanks to the improved management of flows between company departments and the quicker preparation of orders.

Watch the presentation video to see for yourself how the new Vertimag works.

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