Online commerce and distribution: New needs in warehouses

In recent months, online commerce has grown exponentially, thanks also to the lockdown imposed by the Covid-19 emergency. And, according to the analyses, buying online is a trend that will continue. Thus consumer buying habits have changed and companies, especially those operating in the distribution field, must in turn adapt their structures and processes. Including in warehouses.

New needs in the warehouse
Online commerce comes with specific needs for those involved in distribution: to respond to increasingly just-in-time logistics, storage and material handling solutions must guarantee flexibility, precision and efficiency in the management of stock and product flows. In this context, automatic vertical storage systems such as Vertimag, the new system designed by the Ferretto Group, offer companies significant advantages.

The advantages of an automatic vertical storage system
- Increased order and better management of available space
- Efficiency in order preparation
- Easy and fast picking
- Better traceability and management of stock
- Efficient management of flows and real-time connection with the corporate ERP
- Increased safety and ergonomics for personnel

Automation for online commerce and distribution

The efficient management of the warehouse and of incoming and outgoing flows is a priority for companies operating in the distribution sector. In fact, this also impacts competitiveness and the ability to meet the demand of points of sale and customers. In addition to the mentioned advantages in terms of space optimization, an automatic vertical storage system like Vertimag offers a completely automated logistics system in which cutting-edge technology guarantees efficient picking and placing operations.

An organized and well-controlled warehouse
Automation allows for the continuous control of a warehouse. The management of stock and flows is monitored and operators know the position of the products and the available quantities at any time. Thus this system guarantees efficient order preparation and ease of picking. Moreover, storage systems like Vertimag increase efficiency also thanks to a wide range of trays and accessories that ensure orderly and rational storage and, consequently, a reduction in picking and order lead times.

Just in time management
Thanks to the management software developed in-house, all picking operations are monitored and documented: operators can thus quickly check the status of all machines and know precisely the quantity of stock held in the warehouse in real time, thereby avoiding both over and under stock. The storage system can be connected to the company's management software (ERP) and communicate with it to manage data, advanced searches, and production lists. In this way, remarkable accuracy is achieved in the traceability and management of stock, as well as the total management of flows, with a significant reduction in picking list processing times. In practice, this means that the operator is able to know in real time if the goods in a certain lot - or even in a specific pallet - are in the warehouse, when they entered, when they left, and for which order they were shipped.

Automation for online commerce and distribution
At work, in the best conditions

At work, in the best conditions

The choice of an automatic storage system also comes with significant improvements in working conditions. In the case of Vertimag, the wide range of trays and accessories ensures that operators always work in conditions of maximum safety and ergonomics, guaranteed by the height and structure of the trays. Laser pointers and the alphanumeric LED bars also guide the operator, thereby making picking easier, more comfortable and accurate while also eliminating the risk of confusing similar products.

With Vertimag, ergonomics and speed go hand in hand
The efficiency of an automated storage system like Vertimag is also enhanced by specific innovations, for example the exclusive Ergo-Tech system: thanks to a second lift located in the structure, it manages the flows of a double bay, increasing productivity, reducing space requirements, and creating an ergonomic environment.

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