PHARMA - Why choose an automatic storage system?
The pharmaceutical market has undergone a profound and rapid change in recent years. From the development of e-commerce to a highly flexible demand for specific products, today pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, medical centers and hospitals face challenges that also affect warehouses and their logistics.

In addition, the pharmaceutical sector has always managed sensitive, and delicate materials that require the utmost care. Whether they are medications or documents, it is essential for companies to ensure the necessary conditions to preserve and store products thereby guaranteeing the highest standards of quality control and stock tracking, as well as ensuring efficient file management. Therefore, the ability to rely on a logistics system able to respond to the specific needs of the market becomes even more critical. One response to these demands from the pharmaceutical sector is offered by automation, and in particular by automatic vertical, rotating and stacker crane storage systems. Let's see how and why.

The primary needs of the sector
The healthcare and pharmaceuticals sectors, like so many others, have been significantly affected by customer demand for rapid response times, maximum accuracy, and high product availability, even during peaks of demand. These changes have become even more pronounced following the pandemic given the new purchasing and reservation practices already well-rooted in many consumers. Thus the trend continues to move in the direction of just-in-time logistics. In addition, hospitals and healthcare facilities need to adopt solutions that enable them to optimize space and ensure operators simple and fast handling and management procedures for their archives and documentation. As a result, pharma companies need:
• maximum logistics traceability and inventory control;
• accuracy in quality control;
• storage able to ensure controlled conditions and product preservation;
• increasingly shorter order fulfilment and shipping times;
• easily accessible, accurate, and fast consultation of documents and files.

Vertical automation (and more) for the pharmaceutical sector

Automated storage solutions are one of the keys to meet the current needs of pharmaceutical companies. Automatic material storage and handling solutions guarantee flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency in product conservation, stock management, order preparation/shipment, and documentation storage. In general, automatic vertical storage systems:
• optimize space: by exploiting height, they significantly reduce the footprint required for storage;
• increase picking efficiency: by taking the requested product directly to the operator, automated storage systems increase accuracy and cut down search times;
• improve traceability by enabling real-time control of stock: all picking operations are monitored and logged thanks to seamless integration with management software;
• ensure the highest product preservation standards: automatic solutions guarantee optimal conditions (for example controlled temperature and humidity) and reduce product handling.

Vertical automation (and more) for the pharmaceutical sector
An efficient file management system: the advantages of an automatic rotating storage system

An efficient file management system: the advantages of an automatic rotating storage system

Rotating storage systems are high-tech solutions used both in analysis laboratories, for the storage of test tubes and medicines, and offices for the collection and storage of documents. Specially designed for the storage of lightweight materials, storage solutions such as the Ferretto Group's Eurot system are ideal when it is necessary to operate in limited space, but with speed of consultation and operational ergonomics. In fact, the rotating shelves follow the shortest route to present the material to the operator at the delivery area. 

Storage and picking always under control: the advantages of automatic vertical storage systems

Flexibility, accuracy, optimal stock management, safe preservation of stored products. Automatic vertical storage solutions meet all the critical needs of the pharmaceutical sector. A system like the Ferretto Group's Vertimag enables the storage and management of items of any shape, weight and size, making the most of the vertical space and reducing the footprint to one tenth of that occupied by traditional storage systems. In particular, Vertimag enables companies to:
• improve inventory management
• speed up order fulfillment
• ensure the proper preservation of products
• reduce picking errors
• carry out operations safely and ergonomically.

Storage and picking always under control: the advantages of automatic vertical storage systems
Speed, accuracy, and integration between divisions: automatic stacker crane storage systems

Speed, accuracy, and integration between divisions: automatic stacker crane storage systems

Storage systems equipped with automatic stacker cranes are ideal solutions to ensure high speed, reduced picking and placing time, and high dynamic performance. This is true even when managing the most diverse unit load formats, from pallets to boxes, or even for loose products. Thanks to the different gripping and handling systems available, this type of system is used especially for picking activities serving other company divisions. In addition to the complete automation of flows, the WMS software developed in-house by Ferretto Group can be integrated with the customer's management systems for state of the art real-time inventory management and control.

Success stories
Ferretto Group has designed and built numerous logistics systems for leading companies in the pharmaceutical and hospital sector. On our website learn how our storage systems have made it possible to meet the needs for the storage of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, as well as documents, for companies such as Copan Wasp S.r.l., JGL - Jadran Galsenski Laboratorij, and F.I.S.

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