The Ferretto Group focuses on innovation also when it comes to safety
Qualified personnel, innovative systems, and unified procedures for prevention, protection and control place Ferretto Group at the forefront of safety

The Ferretto Group is well aware that safety is no joke and has made it one of its guiding values. In fact, in the last few years it has implemented a continuous improvement process to guarantee its customers and personnel the highest safety standards. On this front, in the storage and material handling sector operators always face new challenges. Building on its more than 60 years of experience, the Group keeps investing and innovating in order to develop targeted and concrete measures to strengthen its approach to prevention, protection, and control. In the last two years, the company’s commitment to safety has been confirmed with a new dedicated department, new procedures, and new tools.

People make the difference: a department dedicated to safety
The decision to reorganize and strengthen an internal department dedicated to safety is one of the innovative choices made by the Ferretto Group in recent years. Today the team is made up of four individuals, all with solid experience in the field. They operate in four main areas:
- prevention and protection
- Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) management systems
- worksite areas
- product areas

The team includes a Prevention and Protection Manager with 15 years of international experience in a complex and delicate sector such as oil and gas.
A representative of the safety department is also always part of the team that manages new sales and new contracts: together with the technicians, he monitors all the design, production and after-sales phases so as to immediately assess the feasibility of solutions and ensure that they are risk-free and able to integrate functionality and safety.

Cutting-edge software for efficient management
If people make the difference, cutting-edge tools allow them to transform their skills into effective interventions. The Ferretto Group has not stopped investing in this area, either. One of the company's latest innovations is management software. It is a risk management system that facilitates the integrated and shared management ofthe information related to all the Group's production sites, thus enabling continuous monitoring and control of deadlines, regulations, training management, equipment, and facilities. The use of this cutting-edge software leads to real advantages and benefits:continuous updating, consistency of information, timeliness of interventions, reduction of errors and more efficient prevention measures, also thanks to the analysis of historical data stored in a centralized database.

Homogeneous and unified procedures: how accident prevention is achieved
A single safety department and a single management software: with these tools the Ferretto Group has strengthened its corporate management of safety issues and homogenized its management of construction sites and jobs. Everything is tracked and consistent: supervision of safety and health issues is centralized - all information is available on a single portal - and thus a single and homogeneous process improves controls, availability, data processing and,consequently, accident prevention. Non - obligatory but complete and global risk analysis has also been implemented, which will result in the creation of a single “master” risk assessment document.

Continuous training on safety
Special attention is paid to training. To ensure maximum transparency, the personnel training phasehas been entrustedto external bodies and training companies. Nonetheless, the presence of two trainers in the safety department allows training activities to be integrated with internal initiatives focusing on the company’s specific areas of intervention.
Voluntarily launched training campaigns on environmental and third-party waste management issues also target continued growth and a manager coordinates third party waste management.
However, on safety matters, new risks to be assessed are always just around the corner: the correct use of smartphones and the safety systems of company cars are two examples. To be at the forefront of these new and evolving issues, the FerrettoGroup constantly collaborates with training institutions and companies.

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