The Ferretto Group launches its newest version of Vertimag
The new automatic vertical storage system from the long-standing Italian company is already available on the market. Here's why it is the ideal solution for the management of material of any format, weight and size

We announced that something significant was coming... Now we can finally reveal what it is. Are you ready? Three, two, one: here is the new Vertimag. Our automatic vertical storage system becomes even more ergonomic. Even more efficient. Even more innovative.

Our Research and Development center has worked for months to develop a solution that is completely new in all its components. This system is able to respond even more effectively to the storage and material handling needs of the most diverse production sectors. For this reason the features that already characterized the Vertimag EF have been strengthened, leading to further concrete advantages in terms of efficiency and productivity: the optimization of space with the reduction to 1/10 of the surface occupied by traditional storage systems and the versatility offered by 6 different bay layouts and a range of 120 tray combinations are added to the ergonomics and flexibility of the system, the ease of management made possible by the in-house developed software, the automation of processes and the safety of products and operators with particular attention to anti-seismic features. The new Vertimag is available in 15 versions from 3 to 12 meters in height, has a maximum capacity of 70,000 kg and can store materials up to 695 mm high.

Let's take a look at what makes it the ideal solution to manage material of any format, weight and size.


120 trays

The selection of the tray that best suits your needs is strategic to ensure the maximum functionality of an automatic storage system. This choice must be made taking in consideration several factors: the picking methods, the dimensions of the unit loads, and the characteristics of the space in which the machine is installed. It was precisely after analysing these factors that the Research and Development Center of Ferretto Group designed and defined a range of 120 trays able to meet the needs of many different companies thanks to the combination of 5 lengths, 3 depths, 5 side heights and 4 load capacities. The broad selection of trays is accompanied by various possible accessory solutions such as ribs, dividers and separators.

120 trays
Management software: innovation at the service of workers

Management software: innovation at the service of workers

The push toward innovation has made it possible to strengthen the equipment supplied with the storage system, starting from the management software designed in-house by the Ferretto Group and made even more efficient, with a new generation graphic interface. Through a user friendly and customizable dashboard, operators can quickly check the status of all the machines and dynamically manage the compartments of the trays, so as to monitor the stock levels and the position of the items in the tray.

The ergonomic features of the Ergo–Tech bay (and more)

The new storage system offers 6 types of bays, designed to optimize picking operations and make operators' work efficient, comfortable and safe. According to the needs of the company, it is possible to choose among internal bay (both single and double), external bay (both single and double), removable or Ergo-Tech bay. The latter is an exclusive Ferretto Group solution: thanks to a second lift located inside the structure, it accepts the flows of a double bay, without requiring additional space and ensuring fully ergonomic operations.

How the Ergo–Tech system works
While the operator is picking from one tray, the Ergo–Tech system prepares the second tray so that it is immediately accessible to the operator. Once the picking and placing operations have been completed, the tray on which the operator has worked moves back and the device lifts the next tray so as to enable the operator to perform the picking at the same height. Ergonomically and without wait times. Therefore, there are no product height limitations as in traditional double-level bays: in this way it is possible to store materials of different sizes and formats. In addition to providing optimal working conditions, the system guarantees high safety standards for operators because it prevents unnecessary lifting or bending during the handling of materials.

The ergonomic features of the Ergo–Tech bay (and more)
Muchos accesorios para trabajar mejor

Muchos accesorios para trabajar mejor

In addition to the broad selection of bays and trays, there are also many accessories available that help customize the storage system and make it the most efficient solution for specific production and picking needs.
Here are the main ones:
• sliding console
• shutter
• trolley to extract the tray
• laser pointer
• alphanumeric LED bar
• barcode/QR Code reader
• piece counting scale
• label printer
• badge reader/EKS (electronic key)
All solutions were conceived and designed to optimize the operators' working conditions and speed up the picking and management processes.

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