The ideal industrial shelving

The ideal industrial shelving? It depends on the customer’s needs

Born in Armes, the long tradition of building industrial racking and shelving systems continues in Ferretto Group: pallet racking, pallet shuttles, drive-in, mobile, gravity-fed, cantilever and self-supporting systems, mezzanines and light shelving.

No two warehouses are the same. Every sector has its own requirements, every company has its own needs, every space has its specific limits and opportunities, and every storage technology has its own unique features. Some warehouses require metal pallet racking, others need gravity-fed or multiple-depth solutions. Some companies choose cantilever structures, while others, due to the type of products and picking systems, require mobile archives or drive-in  or drive-through racking.
This is why, together with the portfolio of automated vertical storage solutions, Ferretto Group is carrying on the experience that began under the Armes brand and continues to expand and innovate its wide range of shelving and racking, that meets the specific requirements of each customer.

What  does a warehouse need?
Space optimization, streamlining of picking systems based on product types, faster operations, and increased safety. A warehouse is a complex system and its design is no easy task. Considering this, the first thing to do when choosing a shelving system is to identify which solution truly responds to the company’s specific needs and objectives. What heights are available for storage? Are large volumes of parts handled? Are the loads light or heavy, bulky or small? What is the picking operations` frequency? What spaces are needed for safe and efficient handling? These are all aspects that must be carefully taken into consideration when designing and constructing industrial shelving.

Used shelving: don’t just look at the price. Safety and quality are essential.
Warehouse shelving needs to be functional and efficient. But that’s not enough. Industrial shelving also needs to be reliable. First of all, in terms of safety, there are stringent regulations that must be complied with to avoid risks to workers and prevent potential accidents. In recent years, increasing attention is also being paid to earthquake resistance criteria. Reliability is, therefore, an extremely important aspect right from the design phase and the choice of the solution. Used shelving may, in many cases, seem more cost-effective, however, there are real risks in this regard. Compliance to the safety regulations in force, conditions in terms of quality and durability, wear, compatibility with the warehouse and picking system, and availability of spare parts are all aspects that should not be neglected and that can be costly in the long run if the initial choice is not the right one.

Why choose Ferretto Group shelving
Once Armes, now Ferretto Group. The brand is different, but what continues to distinguish the company’s shelving and racking is the production process. From design to manufacturing, Ferretto Group`s products are entirely built in-house. This ensures tailor-made solutions that allow extensive modularity and optimize the use of space and storage capacity, according to the customer’s specific needs. Moreover, all the configurations offered follow the strictest earthquake resistance criteria. 

Pallet racking
Pallet racking
 is the most widespread system for storing and directly accessing each pallet as a unit load. The efficiency of this product comes from its ability to respond to a variety of needs across different sectors and companies: picking frequency, number of products or parts, and storage density.
When there are high volumes of pallets for each product type, the ideal solution is multiple-depth pallet racking integrated with Flexy shuttle: this technology allows loading/unloading and high-density storage of pallets in various channels, each dedicated to a specific part number.
Ferretto Group`s drive-in racking, on the other hand, is suitable for managing the storage of large quantities of pallets for each product type but fewer products, according to the LIFO (last in-first out) logic. With this solution, one part number is stored in each channel.
Another possibility is gravity-fed racking. This solution, equipped with braking rollers to control the speed of the pallet as it approaches the off load end, is ideal for optimizing the inventory in facilities using FIFO (first in–first out) logic. This type of solution allows high-density storage of large quantities of uniform goods. Finally, the Euromag mobile racking system is perfect for very high density storage of materials with low-medium turnover.

Not just pallets: also shelving for boxes and bulk products
Other companies may need to store boxes and bulk products. Ferretto Group offers numerous metal and industrial shelving solutions also for this type of storage.
Dimax multi-purpose shelving, with its patented shelves, is a modular system for medium and light loads, ranging from the simplest version for home and office applications to more complex ones for multi-storey warehouses. Cantifer cantilever racking is the ideal solution for companies that manage long and bulky objects, while lightweight gravity-fed racking is ideal for a dynamic storage system that handles relatively light and small-medium sized unit loads.
Another choice is the Euromobil mobile archives: a storage system on a mobile base that runs along tracks attached to the floor without needing a platform. This system can be used in countless applications offering an efficient use of space and easy accessibility to the goods.
Finally, the GL8 mezzanine flooring with modular shelves is perfect for those who need to increase their warehouse storage area.

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