Vertical lift module or Vertical carousel? Choose the one that best suits you

Floor space savings, product and operator safety, material traceability, efficient picking operations. Vertical automatic storage systems bring numerous advantages to the logistics system of companies, whatever their business sector. Different companies, however, may have different requirements resulting from various types of unit loads, specific material handling needs, particular flows and storage densities. In short, there are numerous factors to consider even when choosing an automatic storage system. Factors that may, for example, lead a company to decide that the best solution is a vertical automatic storage system such as Vertimag or a rotary automatic storage system such as Eurot, two solutions developed by the Ferretto Group and currently adopted by major companies in Italy and abroad. Let's take a closer look at these two types of storage system and see how they can meet different needs.

Vertimag and Eurot: vertical automation
Vertimag, the vertical automatic storage system, and Eurot, the rotary vertical storage system, are automatic storage and picking systems that operate according to the “goods-to-man” principle.

  • Eurot, the ideal solution for archiving and storing light materials
    Eurot is the Ferretto Group's rotary automatic storage system designed for archiving and storing light industrial materials. It is the perfect choice when space is limited, the items required must be quickly available, and the ergonomics of the system is a key issue. In fact, the rotary tables always follow the shortest path to carry the material to the operator in the bay.
  • Vertimag, the flexible storage system for the needs of all sectors
    Vertimag is the Ferretto Group's vertical automatic storage system that, thanks to its wide range of trays, can store and manage material of all formats, weights, and sizes. It allows for maximum use of space in height, reducing the surface area occupied by the stored goods to 1/10th compared to traditional warehouses.

Two different systems, many common advantages

Both Vertimag and Eurot are vertical automated storage systems that guarantee space optimization and improved picking and storage operations. More specifically, they improve company logistics by:

  • optimizing the space used, as they exploit the available height and make it possible to significantly reduce storage areas;
  • increasing picking efficiency, as they bring the required product directly to the operator and drastically cut the time spent searching for the desired item; 
  • making the operators' work easier and safer, as materials are picked up directly from an optimized and ergonomic bay; operations are thus precise, fast and safe, and there is no need for unnecessary and tiring movements or the use of ladders or other handling systems;
  • increasing traceability and ensuring real-time inventory control, as all picking operations are monitored and documented thanks to integration with the management software.
Two different systems, many common advantages
Vertimag or Eurot: which is the best choice?

Vertimag or Eurot: which is the best choice?

Having briefly explained the advantages that both vertical automatic storage systems provide to companies, we can now specify what makes Vertimag or Eurot the ideal solution to meet specific logistical needs:
When to choose Vertimag
The Vertimag vertical automatic storage system is the best solution when:

  • the vertical space available is more than 4 metres;
  • the type of material to be stored changes frequently and a flexible storage solution, able to easily adapt to changes in the quantity and size of the stored items, is needed;
  • the material mix requires flexibility: the goods to be stored vary in size and weight;
  • picking operations require external aids for lifting or handling the material.

Vertimag is therefore perfect for companies operating in various sectors such as:

  • e-commerce
  • mechanic
  • automotive
  • agricultural and earthmoving machinery
  • motorbikes, bikes and accessories.

When to choose Eurot
The Eurot rotary vertical storage system is the ideal solution when: 

  • the available space is limited and the height of the facility is less than or equal to 4 metres; 
  • the items to be stored are light and uniform in size and weight;
  • there is a need for quick and frequent access to the archive/storage system;
  • the material can be handled safely even without lifting aids.

Eurot is thus the best choice for companies operating in sectors such as:

  • Public Administration
  • banking and insurance
  • libraries
  • hospitals and healthcare
  • pharma
  • electronics
  • textiles and footwear.

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