Vertimag - 120 combinations of tray sizes and 6 bays for maximum storage flexibility

Versatility is certainly a key factor when it comes to choosing an automatic vertical storage system. In fact, companies often face the need to store and handle goods having different weight, shape and size. For this reason, Ferretto Group’s engineers decided to design the new Vertimag automatic vertical storage system with flexibility in mind, looking for solutions capable of satisfying the most diverse demands. 120 combinations of tray sizes, 6 types of bay and numerous accessories are the added value of an already successful system that is ideal for the most varied storage needs. Ideal, in particular, for those companies that often change inventory and therefore need a solution easily adaptable to changes in the quantity and type of items stored. In this article we take you inside Vertimag to show you its range of trays and bays.

Let's look at some representative figures
Vertimag is available in 15 models with a range of 120 tray combinations based on:
4 load capacities: 300 - 550 - 800 - 990 kg
5 lengths: 1,950 - 2,450 - 3,050 - 3,650 - 4,250 mm
3 depths: 650 - 840 - 1,030 mm
5 side heights: 70 - 95 - 120 - 145 - 170 mm

For picking operations, the best performing system for any specific need can be evaluated from among 6 different bay types:
• Internal single and double bay
• External single and double bay
• Extractable bay
• The exclusive Ergo Tech system

Put efficiency in your trays

Put efficiency in your trays

Vertimag's efficiency is not just about figures. The flexible configuration of the system enables the positioning of trays with different heights according to the type of unit load they contain.
By taking advantage of the combinations, it is also possible to have different tray heights with the same capacity, so that when handling short products, no space is wasted using trays with high sides.
A wide range of accessories makes the trays even more customizable:
• Corrugated dividers. 3 lengths are available for the 3 tray depths, with heights ranging from 70 to 240 mm and 25 mm pitch; 
• Smooth partitions. Partitions are available for each tray side height, with the following widths: 75, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400 mm;
• Corrugated trays. These are designed to ensure 25 mm pitch in the positioning of partitions and dividers; 
• Corrugated risers. They allow any tray to reach the maximum height of 245 mm regardless of the height of the sides and are available in 5 heights: 175, 150, 125, 100, 75 mm; 
• Cardboard boxes. Available in 3 lengths: 106, 212, 326 mm.

6 types of bay: Ergonomics and safety in the warehouse

The wide range of bays, trays and accessories make the Vertimag storage system a flexible, versatile and functional product. The available solutions are in fact designed to provide the best working conditions for operators, who can always work in a safe and perfectly ergonomic environment thanks to the height and structure of the system. The picking operations are thus simpler, easier, and precise. Let's take a look at the six types of bay available for the new Vertimag.

Single or double internal bay
A storage system with an internal bay is characterized by 3 main factors:
• Ergonomics: The picking bay is positioned at a height of 750 mm from the floor, allowing the operator to move the products stored inside the trays ergonomically and safely.
• Reliability: The lift handling system is used to move the trays. The trays are equipped with special anti-friction pads which guarantee correct movement and positioning.
• Safety: The machine is equipped with photocells in the tray insertion and extraction area to check the height of the trays/goods and to protect the operator's safety. The single internal bay can be transformed into a double internal bay with the addition of second level shelves. The single internal bay permits the storage of loads up to 695 mm in height, while the double internal bay permits the storage of double loads up to 320 mm in height.

Single or double external bay
A storage system featuring this solution requires the use of an external device. Among the main benefits guaranteed are:
• Solidity: The external bay is particularly suitable for handling material of significant weight and size, which therefore requires complete accessibility.
• Safety: In the tray insertion and extraction area there are photocells to check the height of the tray/material and to protect the operator’s safety. The single external bay can be transformed into a double external bay with the addition of second level shelves. The single external bay configuration enables the storage of loads up to 695 mm high while the height of the tray to be loaded is still that of the single internal bay configuration (750 mm).

Ergo-Tech Bay
This exclusive Ferretto Group solution features a second lift located inside the structure. In this way, the storage system can operate at the speed of a double bay unit, with no need for more space and ensuring absolute ergonomics. The Ergo-Tech bay enables the storage of 395 mm high goods with a working height of 870 mm from ground level.
Read more about the Ergo-Tech bay.

Extractable Bay
This solution allows the trays to be extracted manually from the storage system even if the material can still be handled using hoists or cranes. This is, for all intents and purposes, an alternative to single or double external bays. The telescopic bay is in fact a tray extraction device for single internal bay configurations. The system allows the operator to manually extract the tray once it is in the picking bay. This solution is ideal for limiting the space needed by the bay when heavy materials are handled with auxiliary lifting/handling equipment.


6 types of bay: Ergonomics and safety in the warehouse

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