Vertimag EF, many accessories for a more efficient storage system
Vertimag EF vertical lift module comes with devices that ensure tangible benefits for the users

Fast and ergonomic: the Vertimag EF vertical lift module (VLM) handles materials of any shape, weight and size, reducing the footprint by up to 90%.The many accessories developed to meet the specific picking and storing needs of companies make the Ferretto Group vertical lift module a highly efficient and productive solution.

The advantages of Vertimag EF accessories

The Vertimag EF vertical storage system comes with devices that ensure tangible benefits for the users. Depending on their function, these accessories optimize space inside the trays, make operations simpler and more intuitive and reduce operating times and errors, with no compromise on safety.

Safety barriers and LED lighting for the internal bays are supplied as standard optional with all Vertimag EF models. The safety barriers are activated in case of danger and stop the machine by means of photocells, while the LED lighting ensures appropriate lighting during picking operations, especially in poor lighting conditions.

Any Vertimag EF can be customized with our optional devices

Several optional features can be added to the Vertimag EF VLM to meet different picking and storage needs.

More specifically, among the optional accessories, the Ferretto Group offers:

  • Solutions to enhance tray configuration and usage: clips + divider kits, cardboard boxes
  • Solutions to simplify picking operations: laser pointer, alphanumeric LED bar
  • Solutions to improve productivity and control of stored goods:barcode reader, label printer, piece counting scales
  • Safety and access control solutions:automatic door, badge reader
  • Additional software modules: connection to the corporate ERP, management of materials not contained in the vertical storage systems and stored on shelves or on the floor
  • Additional options: sliding console, task confirmation button, trolley

Solutions for the configuration of trays

The trays of the Vertimag EF can bear loads from 300 kg/661 lbs to 990 kg/2,182 lbs. Ferretto Group offers two solutions for the internal layout of trays:clips + divider kitsand cardboard boxes.

The clips + divider kits are an efficient and simple means to optimize the internal layout of the tray, organizing space based on the actual size of the material to be stored. The configuration can be changed at any time, depending on the current need. Each kit consists of two clips and a divider.

The alphanumeric LED bar displays position, code, description and quantity of the goods to be handled, making it easy and fast to identified the compartment where the picking or replenishment operation should be performed.

Solutions for the configuration of trays
Solutions to simplify picking operations

Solutions to simplify picking operations

Pick/put to light devices that indicatethe products and quantities to be handled make picking and replenishment operations even simpler, more efficient and faster.

Along with the standard software, which displays on the PC monitor the mapping of the tray with the stored products, there are other solutions available, such as the laser pointer and the alphanumeric LED bar. All these devices are controlled by the WMS EjLog software.

The laser pointer, located at the center of the picking bay, shows the precise position of the products in the tray, through the intersection of a continuous green line along the X-axis (width) with a dotted red line along the Y-axis (depth).

By pinpointing the exact location of the SKU, the laser pointer guides the operator, eliminating errors and reducing operating times.The result is an increase in picking rates and higher productivity for operators between tray deliveries. 

The alphanumeric LED bar displays position, code, description and quantity of the goods to be handled, making it easy and fast to identified the compartment where the picking or replenishment operation should be performed.

Solutions to improve productivity and control of stored goods

Devices such as barcode readers, label printers and counting scales increase efficiency even further, ensuring higher productivity and shorter operating times. They are also very easy to integrate, being managed by the WMS EjLog software supplied with every Vertimag EF storage system.

The bar code readers, available in the basic or the high-performance version, cover all needs and enable the safe and precise management of inventory; they can read all types of 1D and 2D QRcodes. These wireless bar code readers are positionedat an ergonomic height in the picking bay, so that the operator can read the item codes along the entire length of the tray.

The counting scale is the ideal device to achieve more efficient management of small items in large quantities. With thisaccessory, counting operations are faster and the weight of the products is always available. This is an indispensable tool for companies that stock products such as screws, bolts and small parts in general.

Solutions to improve productivity and control of stored goods
Safety and access control solutions

Safety and access control solutions

The Ferretto Group always pays special attention tosafety. For this reason, our VLMs can be equipped with devices that drastically reduce the risks for operators, safeguard the stored materials, and allow access only by authorized personnel.

The automatic closing door is a standard component of all VLMS with internal bays and 650 mm/25.59” tray`s depth, but it can be installed in all other models.

The main function of this device is to close the opening of the picking bay when the storage system lift is in motion or when the system is not operating. The safety of the operator is guaranteed, the stored material protected, and noise in the work area significantly reduced.

Access to the storage system can be completely managed by the WMS EjLog software with four different privilege levels. ARFID badge reader, positioned in the front part of the bay, can be installed to allow access`s monitoring and control.

Additional Software modules

The Vertimag EF VLMs are all equipped with the WMSEjLog package, asoftwareapplicationthat manages replenishment and picking operations completely. The WMS software can be integrated with additional modules, such as the connection to the corporate ERP and the management ofgoods not stored in the vertical storage systems, but on shelves or on the floor.

Interfacing with the corporate ERP makes itpossible to automatically transfer job lists to the VLM, as well as information on the outcome of the executed job lists back to the corporate ERP. The customer can choose between two standard modules for the management of data import and export: text files or shared database tables. The ERP connection module can also be easily interfaced with any corporate management system.

Additional Software modules

The module for the management of materials stored outside the VLM directly is used for the goods stored on shelves or on the ground.Ferretto Group has developed two methods: the first consists in the management of materials stored on the floor from a PC, which is carried out with the aid of graphical tables to identify the locations; the second uses radiofrequency technology to facilitate operations over extended areas.

Additional optionals

Additional optionals

The sliding console, thetask confirmation button, and the trolley are further optionals available for the Vertimag EF automatic vertical storage solution.

The sliding console can be used in single external bays to optimize operations in case of intensive picking.

The control station can be moved along the entire front of the bay, which is particularly useful when the VLM features larger trays.

The task confirmation button is usually installed on the bay and enables the operator to confirm storage and retrieval operations.

The trolley allows an entire tray to be removed from the machine and transported elsewhere in the assembly line or the warehouse. Available for trays with payload capacity of up to 550 kg/1,212 lbs and for single internal bays, it is the ideal solution for handling heavy materials or assembly kits.

Alternatively, the VLM can be configured with a single external bay that enables the safe and automatic removal of the tray.

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