From the available space to the type of unit load, from stock management to integration with other company departments. Every company has its own needs - internal, sector-related, market-related - and only a custom-made logistics system can guarantee effective answers to such needs.
The advantages of a custom-made storage system

There are standard storage systems and tailor-made storage systems. Ferretto Group has always opted for the second solution. With more than 65 years of experience in the sector, the company knows that a customised solution really makes the difference. We start from the analysis of the customer’s needs and goals. According to these, we design the most suitable logistics system in terms of structure and technology, in order to always guarantee efficiency, reliability and competitiveness.

Your company is unique. And so are its logistics needs.
Thanks to automation, a storage system is an extremely complex system that can and must meet the requirements of companies in terms of space optimization, flow management, product traceability, flexibility and safety of goods and operators. These factors can vary considerably depending on how a specific company is organized, the industry sector and the reference market, with the related trends and seasonality. Within this context, an efficient storage system is a strategic choice and the process must start from the analysis of the most decisive factors for the company’s competitiveness. The most important factors are the following:

  • the space available
  • the type of product
  • the quantity and size of the unit loads (UL)
  • the inbound and outbound flows and the time they require
  • the management of stocks
  • the number of handling operations that generate corresponding picking activities
  • the safety of operators and goods.

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