Vertical Lift Modules, Cantilever and Pallet racking systems: the new Copan Wasp hub is equipped with Ferretto Group solutions

Integrated solutions for a highly efficient warehouse. Copan Wasp S.r.l., a manufacturer of automation systems for microbiology laboratories, is part of the Copan Group, a leader in the production of swabs and clinical samples transport and storage systems. The company has entrusted the Ferretto Group with the construction of the 1700 square meter warehouse in its new hub in Brescia. Various needs will be met by a design integrating Vertimag automatic vertical storage systems and a series of Ferretto Group designed and built racking systems: cantilever and pallet racking systems and Dimax multipurpose shelving. The solutions implemented guarantee maximum storage flexibility and anti-seismic safety.

Copan, an Italian manufacturer of state of the art microbiology pre-analytics solutions
Established in 1979, Copan Italia S.p.A. is a world leader in the production of swabs for bacteriology, viral transport media (VTM) and molecular biology systems. Its growth over time, which led to the creation of a group with subsidiaries in the USA, China, Japan and Australia, has not diminished the values tied to a family-run business with 30 years of experience. The values that have always characterized the company are still strong: quality, technological innovation, research and development, and attention to human resources. With over 700 employees, the Copan Group manages the entire production chain in a very integrated way, producing over 300 million collection and transport kits every year and gaining market leadership in Bacteriology Laboratory Automation.

Automation and shelving: The Ferretto Group storage systems for Copan
Faced with the need for a storage system serving production in the new hub in Brescia, Copan decided to adopt the Ferretto Group's solutions. Efficiency, optimization of space, effectiveness in storage and handling processes: these are the points of reference used by the Ferretto Group in the design integrating both automatic and more traditional solutions. In particular, the following will be installed in the Copan WASP hub:

• 2 Vertimag automatic vertical storage systems. Suitable for storing and managing materials of any shape, weight and size, Vertimag storage systems make it possible to save up to 9/10 of ground space compared to traditional solutions.
Cantilever racking system. Industrial structures ideal for storing a wide range of materials. The ease of assembly and the simplicity with which it is possible to change the height of the load levels make it an extremely flexible and versatile system.
Pallet racking. An industrial system which, thanks to its structural characteristics, meets the requirements of the most varied storage solutions.
Dimax. Multi-purpose shelving for light and medium loads offering the possibility to easily change the position of its components.

A tailor-made solution with the added value of safety
Thus the Ferretto Group has met Copan's multiple storage needs, thanks to the wide range of solutions that the Vicenza-based company makes available to companies in the most diverse sectors both in terms of shelving and automatic storage systems. In addition to representing an integrated and efficient system for the storage and handling of products, all the structures will guarantee Copan full anti-seismic compliance and safety, which has always been one of the main concerns of Ferretto Group designers.


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