CIBUS TEC - Ferretto Group presents its innovative logistics solutions for Food & Beverage in Parma

Ferretto Group, one of the leading manufacturers of automatic and static materials storage and handling systems, will participate at Cibus Tec, an important event dedicated to food technology that will take place in Parma from 22nd to 25th October (Hall 2 – Stand D008).

The solutions developed by Ferretto Group to meet the needs of the Food & Beverage sector, from automatic stacker-lift solutions to the Vertimag EF vertical automatic storage system and the Flexy pallet shuttle serving Drive-In shelving, will be exhibited at the Emilian city's trade show. The advantages and features of these systems - which are the result of continuous research in innovation combined with the company's over sixty years of experience - will also be illustrated by the Sales Team during theconference "Logisticamente on Food 2019" on 23rd  October in the Barilla room of the Fiere di Parma premises.
"Our company boasts extensive and consolidated experience in logistics for the Food & Beverage sector. From space optimization to product traceability, from efficiency in stored materials management to storage at temperatures below zero degrees Celsius: we address the specific needs of the companies operating in the food sector with innovative customized solutions ranging from traditional pallet racking to automatic controlled temperature systems that enable the management of frozen products even at -28° C" explains Riccardo Ferretto, CEO of the Ferretto Group.

It is specifically the Ferretto Group's ability to design customized solutions and construct them entirely within the Group - from design to management software - which has enabled the Group to establish itself as an irreplaceable logistics partner for numerous companies in the food sector, and in particular the dairy, milling and wine production sectors. Vertimag EF, the vertical automatic storage system that maximizes floor space (the occupied area is reduced even to 1/10 compared to traditional solutions), minimizes picking errors, and increases order processing and operator security, will be among the numerous systems presented at Cibus Tec. Characterized by a protected tray system and driven by an internal picking mechanism, the Vertimag EF combines ergonomics and efficiency thanks to Ergo-Tech, an additional lift under the bay inside the structure, which always ensures the same work surface height, optimizing performance and increasing the speed of picking and placing operations.
Another product that Ferretto Group will present at the Parma trade show is Flexy. This pallet shuttle provides the ideal automated solution for the management of a multi-depth storage system for easily perishable products in Food & Beverage plants where large volumes of pallets per item are handled with fast picking and placing cycles.
Powered by lithium batteries, Flexy runs along tracks inside a storage channel and is driven in Drive-in racks and managed by remote control or via a WMS application. Thus, pallets are handled inside the warehouse without using forklifts. The result? Storage capacity increases while are reduced the operating times, the risk of accidents and the costs related to damaged shelves.

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