Food & Beverage. Efficiency at -25°C in the Bervini warehouse

A significant new order in the Food & Beverage sector for the Ferretto Group, which was chosen for the construction of an internal pallet racking system for Bervini, an Italian company that processes meat arriving from countries around the world and supplies it to catering and retail companies in Italy and abroad. The solution developed by the Ferretto Group includes an anti-seismic system and has been designed to efficiently preserve and store frozen products in a cold room at -25°C (-13°F).

Multi-depth shelving and Flexy satellite: an integrated solution
To meet the customer's needs, the Ferretto Group will construct an anti-seismic pallet racking system. The plant will have a capacity of 546 pallets distributed over 3 load levels, each with a 13-pallet multi-depth storage channel. Given the temperature conditions necessary for the preservation of the products, the Ferretto Group technicians have designed specific software for the management of the Flexy satellite in order to enable it to communicate directly with the company management system and with the person in charge of the pallet handling operations. The automated picking and placing operations will be communicated to the satellite from the control workstation through a WiFi system. In turn, the operator will follow the instructions regarding the pallet provided by the software on the handheld terminal during the handling process.

Flexy, the pallet shuttle for the food & beverage sector
In the Bervini storage system the materials will be handled by the Flexy unit. This pallet shuttle provides the ideal automated solution for the management of a multi-depth storage system for easily perishable products in Food & Beverage plants where large volumes of pallets are handled by reference type with fast picking and placing cycles. Powered by lithium batteries, Flexy runs along the tracks inside a storage channel, guided into the drive-in racks by remote control or by warehouse management systems (WMS). Thus, the pallets are moved within the warehouse without the aid of forklifts. The result? Storage capacity and selectivity increase and operating times are reduced, thus ensuring the efficient management of the food chain, significantly limiting the risk of accidents - including those involving the racking system itself - and the related costs.

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