Maintenance - The Ferretto Group trains technicians for safe and quality interventions

Safety first, always. In recent weeks, the Ferretto Group organized a series of training workshops for Technical Assistance Center (CAT - Centri di Assistenza Tecnica) operators with the goal of continuously improving the safety conditions in which storage system maintenance operations take place. The Company wanted to implement this opportunity to promote the maximum safety of technicians and, at the same time, provide customers with top quality services. Workshops are offered on a quarterly basis in order to train an increasing number of technicians. In fact, participants are provided with an individual certificate of presence, which will become a requirement to carry out scheduled and extraordinary maintenance interventions on the Ferretto Group's vertical machines. The new training workshops - developed with the help of the Group's technicians and Studio Centro Sicurezza Ambiente Srl, as the safety consultant - are especially focused on sharing the best practices and procedures to access vertical lift modules, which has always been a critical topic for those who work in maintenance or repair activities after anomalies or breakdowns. Various different topics are discussed: from roles and responsibilities with respect to specific risks associated with this type of system, to required PPE, safety measures, and the operating instructions to be followed in specific cases and emergencies. Workshops take place over the course of a day and are divided into two parts: first, a theoretical part that takes place in a classroom, during which regulations and procedural aspects are addressed, and second, a practical part in which the technicians experiment with applying what they learned in the classroom directly on the machines.

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