Once again, Pedon Spa chooses the Ferretto Group: A new Flexy pallet shuttle storage system on the way

Growth brings new logistical needs to the leading company in the legumes, cereals, and seeds market. The new high-density storage system will be seismic resistant and temperature controlled.

The relationship between the Ferretto Group and Pedon Spa becomes stronger and stronger. The Vicenza-based company specializing in the processing, packaging and distribution of cereals, legumes, and seeds has in fact entrusted the Ferretto Group with the construction of a new highly automated storage system to meet the demands of a continuously expanding market. The structure, designed to be used for storing raw materials, will be added to the pallet racking system served by Flexy shuttles built by the Ferretto Group in 2019 for Pedon’s warehouse in Colceresa (Vicenza). Like the previous structure, the new one will also involve the design and installation of an anti-seismic pallet racking system: the solution will have 4 levels and a storage capacity of 1,250 pallets. The system will store the raw materials used for Pedon’s products and this reason it will be at a controlled temperature of 15°C. The materials will be handled using the Flexy 1000 pallet shuttle, suitable for both 800 x 1,200 mm Euro-pallets and standard 1,000 x 1,200 mm pallets, with a maximum weight of 1,500 kg.

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