Sustainability and safety: the keywords in the automatic storage system supplied to Bucher Hydraulics

An automatic, environmentally friendly and technologically advanced storage system: this is how the Ferretto Group responded to the requests of Bucher Hydraulics, an international leader in the production of innovative hydraulic drives and controls. The new system was designed and built as part of the expansion project for the office and lab area at the Reggio Emilia facility. The structure, inaugurated in recent days, will enable Bucher Hydraulics to best meet the needs arising from the continued growth of its business.

Efficiency meets sustainability with automation
For a company like Bucher Hydraulics, which has always stood out for its focus on sustainability, the Ferretto Group designed and built an environmentally friendly solution which ensures extremely high efficiency and optimization of the working conditions. In fact, the 3 stacker cranes operating inside the system enable the programmed handling and relocation of pallets to be carried out automatically over the 24 hours. Special care was paid to all aspects related to safety: the storage solution was designed with an oxygen reduction system in order to prevent and fight fires.

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