The Ferretto Group joins the celebrations for Aurora’s 100th anniversary

Aurora has been telling a tale of growth and evolution for a hundred years, thanks in part to the Ferretto Group’s innovative, efficient storage and handling solutions. On Thursday 6 June, the leading Italian ballpoint and fountain pen manufacturer Aurora proudly celebrated its 100th anniversary. It decided to mark the milestone occasion with Italian and international authorities, suppliers and customers during a private event at its long-standing headquarters in Turin.
One of the biggest names present was the Ferretto Group, which assisted Aurora with its logistical evolution on the road to automation by providing it with Eurot vertical rotating storage systems. The guests at the event were taken on a guided tour and shown the storage systems, which were designed and built to improve the management of materials at the Turin plant.

Aurora and Ferretto: a relationship based on quality and innovation
Aurora is an internationally renowned and acclaimed player in its field. Over the past century, it has led the way in the development of writing instruments, always striking the right balance between craftsmanship and technology. One way in which it has successfully gone about this is by automating and computerizing its storage of components and semi-finished parts for ballpoint and fountain pens.The Ferretto Group’s Eurot rotating vertical storage systems have proved to cater ideally to the Turin-based company’s management and handling needs for lightweight items that are all a similar size and weight.
Thanks to the Eurot vertical rotating storage systems, Aurora has been able to maximize the use of space, optimize inventory control, protect stored materials, and use software developed by the Ferretto Group to manage all materials, including those stored on the ground.

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