Packaging logistics - The Happy Group’s 5,000 m2 warehouse expansion project to be carried out by the Ferretto Group

The project involves the existing storage systems built by the Vicenza-based manufacturer for two companies of the food packaging group

The Ferretto Group is designing new automated storage systems for a total of 5,000 m2 for the Happy Group. The project concerns the expansion of the logistics areas of the important manufacturer and distributor of food-grade containers. The expansion work will be carried out on systems that were built by the Ferretto Group in recent years and that today require increased capacity as a result of the Happy Group’s constant growth. Specifically, the Ferretto Group was requested to develop two different projects. The first concerns Happy Srl and will lead to the expansion of the self-supporting automatic pallet storage system built in Verolavecchia in 2016, with the addition of 3 stacker cranes to handle a total of 17,472 new pallet positions. The surface will be extended by 5,000 square meters and will be used for the storage of finished products ready for shipment. The second project will be carried out for Esperia Srl, another Happy Group company, and consists in the addition of a new stacker crane to be installed inside the existing automatic storage system for plastic reels installed in 2015 in the Brescia area. Riccardo Ferretto, Chairman of the Ferretto Group, commented: "We have always been certain that our work should never end when a storage system is installed: our relationship with our partners starts with the identification of their needs, becomes stronger during the design and construction of the required systems, and is consolidated over time through support and consulting services aimed at technological improvement. This means being true partners and is exactly what is happening with the Happy Group: the experience of these years has now led us to a new phase in the context of a common growth path". The two new requests come, in fact, a few years after the previous supplies and result from the Happy Group's decision to expand its storage capacity. This decision is a response to continuous growth in production and reflects the Group's intention to keep improving its performance and provide its customers with ever increasing efficiency and quality. With over 25 years of experience, the Happy Group is a solid point of reference in Europe in the production and trade of food-grade containers. Thanks to its network of companies it is able to offer products, systems and services for the food packaging sector which fully meet the most varied quantitative and technical-qualitative needs of the industry and of modern distribution channels.

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