The new automatic storage system for Distillerie Bonollo Umberto has been completed

The automatic storage system designed and built for Bonollo has rather significant characteristics: 22 meters high, a total storage area of 3,000 square meters, and an 11,000 ULs capacity. Thanks also to their solid experience in the Food & Beverage sector, the Ferretto Group engineers responded to the needs of the Paduan producer of grappa and spirits with a logistics solution that combines innovation and safety. The result? A storage system that guarantees the optimization of space, remarkably improves storage capacity and production processes, and safe guards products while enabling efficient monitoring and traceability of inventory. The structure is part of a larger project still under development which will strengthen the position of Distillerie Bonollo Umberto on the market.

The new automatic pallet racking system
The Padua-based distillery is a point of reference in the grappa market and has experienced considerable growth in the last few years, to the point that progressive sales of spirits and bottled liqueurs have rendered its current space in the Mestrino packaging facility insufficient. That is why the company launched a project to create new space and structures. Among these is the Ferretto Group's innovative automatic pallet racking system equipped with an oxygen reduction fire-fighting system. The anti-seismic multi-depth shelving solution has a 3,000 square meter footprint. Thanks to its 22 meters in height, the storage system has a capacity of over 11,000 ULs. The handling operations for the incoming and outgoing flows of raw materials and finished products are carried out by Fast Ring shuttles. The placing and picking activities are completely automated by means of 3 cabled satellite stacker cranes. The management of the warehouse, which serves both the production and shipping departments, is entrusted to the Warehouse Management Software developed in-house by the Ferretto Group and integrated with Bonollo's ERP.

The advantages of a "tailor-made" solution
The storage system designed by Ferretto Group meets Bonollo's specific needs, guaranteeing concrete advantages in the organization of company logistics: • Space optimization: the storage system makes the best use of the available space and improves the storage capacity of goods according to the quantities involved. This is possible thanks to the ability of the system to dynamically map the goods and place them in the most efficient position even with reference to multi-depth channels.
Integration with production processes: the position of outgoing raw materials and that of incoming finished products were optimized for the bottling lines.
Ease of management: a picking station at ground level allows the pallets to be lifted from both sides with an electric pallet truck, ensuring ease of picking from the shipping lines and greater flexibility for truck loading operations.
Safety: the storage system is designed with antiseismic features and an oxygen reduction fire-fighting system, which is a necessary piece of equipment, given the type of goods stored.

The storage system featured at the Cibus Tec exhibition in Parma
Last October, the Ferretto Group's solution for Distillerie Bonollo was featured at the Cibus Tec exhibition in Parma. In fact, both companies presented the project during the "Logisticamente on Food" conference as a concrete example of how innovation in logistics systems can be put at the service of quality and improve the performance of production systems in the food industry.

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