The newest Vertimag model in Poland!

The latest version of the Vertimag, automatic vertical lift module was presented at the Warehouse Technology Center in Poznań by PROMAG - a Polish partner who has been cooperating with the Ferretto Group for many years. After the presentation, training for the company's sales network was also held. This year PROMAG celebrates its 40th anniversary. Thanks to its experience and a wide range of modern and innovative solutions, the company is a leader on the Polish intralogistics market. PROMAG has a dense sales network consisting of the headquarters, 10 local branches and an online store, thus covering the entire territory of Poland with its operations.
The cooperation of both companies has been tightened, and the PROMAG offer has been supplemented with a new model of the Vertimag, which is used to store materials of any shape, weight and size. Vertimag effectively meets the needs of the most diverse application areas. In addition to the significant space optimization - a reduction to 1/10 of the occupied space compared to traditional storage systems - Vertimag has great flexibility thanks to 6 types of bays and a range of 120 possible combinations of trays configurations. In addition, it is easy to manage thanks to in-house designed software, process automation and safety for products and operators.

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