Two IFTS training courses for the technicians of the future to be held in Reggio Emilia

The Ferretto Group's commitment to training and process innovation continues. The company, through its headquarters in San Polo d'Enza, is in fact among the organizations involved in the two specialization courses for graduates to be held in the coming months in Reggio Emilia. The IFTS technical education and training courses – one for "Production and logistics planning technicians" and one for "4.0 systems installation technicians" - will be presented on Monday, September 26 during the open day organized by CIS – School for business management. Starting at 5:30 pm at the cloisters of San Pietro in Reggio Emilia, promoters, industry experts and young people who have undertaken a career in the company will illustrate these two innovative Industry 4.0 training opportunities.

A bridge between training and work
Both courses – free of charge since they are funded by the Emilia-Romagna Region and the European Social Fund – will accept a maximum of 20 participants for 800 hours of training, 300 of which are internships, managed by CIS. Both initiatives are the result of the synergy of different entities, including IFOA (training and employment agency), the Department of Sciences and Methods for Engineering of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, the Istituto Statale Superiore Silvio D'Arzo (upper secondary school), the Fondazione Istituto Tecnico Superiore Meccanica, Meccatronica, Motoristica, Packaging (post-secondary technical training), and to the participation of numerous local companies that will offer trainees an internship.

"Production and logistics planning technician for supply chain innovation" course
The "Production and logistics planning technician for supply chain innovation" course is intended to train personnel able to manage the organization of the procurement and distribution network, joining industrial production phases and times in favor of a sustainable and functional supply chain serving the production processes. The course has been developed also following the identification of the new skills required within the distinctive supply chains of the Reggio Emilia area. This highlighted the need to invest in the transformation of the supply chain with a dual objective: to respond to sudden changes that continually tend to derail rules and operations and to define new, increasingly sustainable and efficient organizational models.

"4.0 systems installation technician" course
The "4.0 systems installation technician" course is intended to train personnel to meet the needs expressed by local companies. Such personnel will be able to organize the installation and maintenance of robotic systems by applying industrial automation concepts based on the Industry 4.0 model. Adopting quality, safety and sustainability standards and using software and technology based on robotics and automation, these technicians will integrate seamlessly into the areas of programming, production and maintenance of machines and systems.

Further information and registration
The registration deadline is 14 November 2022.
For further information about the requirements, the contents of the courses, and how to access them, please visit


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