We are ready to resume our activities with both production and safety in mind

Our company is working to ensure that all safety measures required by the Prime Minister's decree are implemented in full

Thanks to smart working, we never really stopped: we have always been there for our customers with assistance and consultancy services. We have ensured continuous support to companies working in essential sectors that were not subject to lockdown, so as to keep strategic production and distribution chains running: in this way, we have contributed to guaranteeing indispensable services for the community.

Since the beginning of the emergency, the entire Ferretto Group has worked to adopt any and all of the safety measures required by regulations and necessary to protect the well-being of our employees. We have studied procedures, distributed the necessary personal protective equipment, and trained our personnel. As a result we are now ready to restart our activities ensuring safety in all our plants and facilities.

Today as always, the safety and health of all our personnel remain paramount. This is a unique and challenging moment but we are confident that we can pick up from where we left off: from the production and installation of storage systems and the development of the many new projects still in the start-up phase.

We will start back up with a focus on guaranteeing compliance with all safety regulations on a daily basis, so as to support our country and customers wherever they are.

United despite social distancing we can do it!

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