With Academy, the Ferretto Group puts the skills of its personnel at center stage

Innovation, not only in terms of products but also in terms of process improvement and management of daily work. The Academy initiative has been implemented in recent weeks with the involvement of a group of employees representing diverse departments. The initiative - carried out in collaboration with the specialized body Niuko - aims to disseminate, throughout the Ferretto Group, good practices, organizational models and tools useful for quickly and effectively sharing the many and varied skills present within the company. Through lessons and team-building activities, this transversal group of employees is thus learning strategies and methods that they will be able to transmit to other colleagues in their individual departments, thus creating a mechanism that will involve all employees and spread awareness of the Ferretto Group’s sphere of activity. In fact, the objectives include the development of a "corporate Wikipedia" - a participatory encyclopedia in which anyone can make their own know-how available to colleagues, thus creating a heritage accessible to all - and the introduction of new organizational models as wells as agile and functional tools for the management of group work. Thus, the Academy was created as an opportunity for training and corporate growth to take a further step along the path of innovation, a path that the Ferretto Group is pursuing even through significant investments in human capital.

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