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A multinational global leader in the services for the protection and storage of information and document management.

Sector: Document storage

A multinational in the document storage and management industry chooses Ferretto Group for its storage solutions
Maximum rationalization of the areas available in order to optimize the storage capacity with the most efficient use of the allocated storage space.

System features:
  • APR12 Racking system
  • Available Area: 2,850 m2
  • Load units: Cardboard boxes of various sizes
  • Storage system served by manned pickers and forklift guides.
  • 16,000 m2 of storage shelves
  • Racking solutions with 11 load levels made of 100x30 mesh shelves designed to maximize the use of the space available.
Technical characteristics
  • The design of the storage facility took into consideration the customer's needs and optimized the use of the available space thereby ensuring significant storage capacity. The modularity of the shelving and the characteristics of the APR12 racking solution enabled the objectives established in the design phase to be reached.
  • The provision of a vertical smokestack allowed both the discharge of fumes and the entry of water. The logistics solution developed complied with FMGlobal's rigorous technical requirements in full.
  • All structures were designed and installed in full compliance with seismic codes.
  • The custom welding of the beam brackets enabled to exploit the full height of the warehouse thus maximizing the storage of boxes.
The storage system in figures:
Footprint of the APR12 Racking solution
Total system height
Load levels
per span
Storage capacity

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