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Bottero Glass Technology

End user’s sector: Solar panel manufacturer

Precision and versatility in the new special automated storage system for renewable energy
Ferretto Group, in collaboration with Bottero Glass Technology, an important manufacturer of glass processing machinery, has developed an automated storage system for a leading Chinese producer of solar panels.


  • Manage the storage of the various types of solar panels, sorted by category
  • Implement panel quality control, picking the unit loads and where necessary repositioning them in the correct category inside the system
  • Create a buffer between two different product processing stages
  • Improve product traceability
  • An automated storage system connecting two production areas, equipped with three single-mast stacker cranes that slide on the same track and fitted with suction cups to handle 3 mm thick panes of glass
  • Single-depth industrial racking system with 60 load levels
  • Interface and management with WMS developed by Ferretto Group for the storage system incoming and outgoing lines
Technical details:
  • Simultaneous management of the three stacker cranes on a single track
  • Sharing of storage areas on the racking between the three stacker cranes, in automatic cycle
  • Possibility to exclude one or more stacker cranes from the automated handling cycle
Added value:
  • Improved product traceability and storage
  • Optimised company production processes
  • Optimised quality control processes
Storage system facts and figures
Total surface area
150 m2
panes of glass for photovoltaic systems, dimensions 664mm x 1587mmx h3mm, weight 8 kg
Overall capacity
3,240 panes of glass for photovoltaic systems
Load levels
Type and number of stacker cranes
three single-mast
Handling systems
suction cups

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