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Centrale del latte di Vicenza

Sector: Dairy

Place: Vicenza - Italy

Milk storage 4.0
Centrale del Latte di Vicenza has chosen Ferretto Group for its new logistics to support further growth.



  • To provide an automated storage solution that improves management and distribution of finished products.
  • To improve product traceability and management, both incoming (production area) and outgoing (delivery area).
  • To support the company’s growth prospects.
  • Automatic pallet racking system connecting production and delivery for storage of UHT milk and packaging materials.
  • Two stacker cranes equipped with a fork handling system.
  • Double-depth racking with 11 staggered load levels.
  • Storage in/out peripherals managed by a circuit with two shuttles that carry pallets from production to the automatic storage system.
  • Pallets handed to the shuttles using both LGVs and forklift trucks.
  • Five goods-out peripherals comprising gravity roller conveyors between the storage system and the picking area for manual operations.
  • Sixth outgoing channels consisting of gravity accumulator roller conveyors for a length of 17 m to move outgoing goods to the truck.
Technical details:
  • The entire system is equipped with fire prevention and extinguishing systems with specific fireproof panelling and sprinklers. The storage system has also been designed with four electronically- and pneumatically-operated domes to allow natural ventilation and smoke discharge in the event of fire.
  • A complex lighting system has been installed, featuring LEDs inside the stacker crane lanes and the in/out conveyors for maintenance.
  • The entire system was developed so as to allow maximum exposure to the public via a 60 sqm mezzanine floor with windows overlooking the inside of the warehouse, halogen lights that highlight the stacker cranes, the shuttle area and visitor passageways.
Added value:
  • Improved finished product traceability and storage management.
  • Complete fulfilment of the customer’s need to develop a project that is consistent with the company’s brand identity. In fact, the coordinated image guidelines were implemented and the features of the system fully respond to the customer’s future projects.
Storage system facts and figures:
Total surface area
Unit loads
kg euro pallet
Overall capacity
pallet spaces
Storage system height
Load levels
Type and number of stacker cranes
with fork system

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