Sector: Plastics

Site: Teramo

Ferretto Group automation to support company growth.
Nuovaplast, a leading manufacturer of PET preforms for the production of plastic bottles, has chosen Ferretto Group to construct an automated self-supporting storage system to support a continuous 24-hour production cycle.

  • Optimise storage capacity of the warehouse area
  • Propose the most suitable storage solution to support a 24/7 continuous production cycle
  • Support the company’s logistics requirements and growth prospects
  • Automatic pallet racking system connecting production and shipment for storage of semi-finished plastic products
  • 1 stacker crane with satellite system
  • Multi-depth racking featuring channels with 12 pallet positions distributed over 6 load levels
  • Storage in/out peripherals using chain drives and roller conveyors
  • Incoming and outgoing pallet picking and placement managed with LGV
Technical details:
  • The entire system is fitted with special wall panels in compliance with fire prevention systems
  • The storage system has also been designed with three electronically- and pneumatically-operated skylights, measuring 24 long by 1.7 m wide, to allow natural ventilation and smoke discharge in the event of a fire
Added value:
  • Increased storage capacity
  • Flexibility and synergy between production and shipment
  • Complete fulfilment of the customer’s need to develop a project that can support a 24/7 continuous production cycle
The storage systems in figures:
Total area
2,560 m2
octabins positioned on 1000x1200 and 1200x1200 europallets Weight 1000 kg
Total capacity
14,400 ULs
Storage system height
20 m
Load levels
Type and number of stacker cranes
1 stacker crane with satellite system

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