OMR shifts to automation to upgrade its internal logistics management

Sector: automotive component manufacturer

Place: Brescia - Italy

OMR shifts to automation to upgrade its internal logistics management
OMR, a long-established Italian manufacturer of components for the automotive sector, has chosen an automation solution by Ferretto Group to reorganise its raw materials storage




  • To provide an automated storage solution aimed at improving the management of sheet metal used for the production of components in the automotive sector
  • To support the company’s growth prospects
  • Self-supporting automatic racking system for the storage of raw materials
  • 1 stacker crane equipped with pulling system
  • Single-depth racking with 49 load levels for the storage of packs of sheet metal in metal trays
  • 2 peripheral carriages serving the system, positioned at both ends of the racking
Added value:
  • Optimisation of space and flow management through material storage based on the company’s needs.
  • System sizing consistent with the company's growth prospects
  • Complete fulfilment of the customer’s need to develop a project that is consistent with the company’s brand identity. The guidelines for a coordinated image and the characteristics of the overall system structure have been fully complied with
Storage system facts and figures:
Total surface area
698 m2
Storage system height
11.5 m
Load levels
Overall capacity
2,940 packs of metal sheets
No. and type of stacker cranes
1 pulling stacker crane

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