Snatt Logistica

Sector: clothing

Place: Reggio Emilia - Italy

SNATT LOGISTICS chose Ferretto Group for the management of hanging and folded garments
Optimization and increasing warehouse space: key elements in warehouse logistics especially for companies like SNATT LOGISTICA which provide logistics services with high added value pursuing a business strategy focused on innovation, dynamic marketing, operational excellence, and flexibility.


  • Maximize space for the storage of boxes
  • Warehouse logistics with increased fluidity and efficiency
  • High versatility in storing both folded and hanging garments
  • Increase speed and dynamism in the handling of packages
  • Compliance with fire regulations according to FMGlobal requirements (Factory Mutual Insurance Company)
  • Racking system solution with load levels designed to make the most of all horizontal and vertical spaces
  • More dynamic and fluid warehouse logistics in the transition from one aisle to another
  • Usage of 100% of the area above the sorter.
Technical characteristics:
  • Flexible racking system and logistics studies enable the space to be utilized for the storage of boxes for folded garments or the storage of hanging garments without having to disrupt or modify the entire layout.
  • The provision of a vertical smokestack that allows both the discharge of fumes and the entry of water in all the spans, in accordance with the provisions and standards of FMGlobal, was one of the main goals achieved with the logistics solution implemented.
  • The customized welding of the beam brackets enabled the use of the entire height of the warehouse thereby maximizing the storage of boxes.
  • The modularity of the spans of the GL8 mezzanine and high load capacity of the beams that make up the structure enabled the customer to install a new generation sorter on the lower level.
  • Full compliance with the seismic code for all structures designed and installed.
The warehouse in figures:
Footprint of the APR12 multi-tier racking systems
no. 1 equal to 2,500
no. 1 equal to 1,900
no. 1 at 2.50
no. 1 at 5.0
m from ground level
m from ground level
Total system height
Load levels
no. 5 per each level for a total of 15
Footprint of the GL8 mezzanine
no. 1 at 5.0 m
from ground level
Total system height
Storage capacity for each APR12 system
GL8 mezzanine storage capacity

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