Aermec upgrades its racking systems and makes them earthquake-resistant

The Ferretto Group has carried out an important project to adapt the racking at the main facility of Aermec, an important Italian manufacturer of air conditioning systems: the warehouse is now safer and earthquake-resistant.

Client: Aermec Spa
Sector: air conditioning systems
Place: Verona

Established in 1961 in Bevilacqua in the province of Verona, Aermec is one of the world's leading companies in the production of air conditioning equipment for domestic, industrial and commercial use. Part of the Giordano Riello International Group, Aermec supplies customers all over the world through its 6 foreign companies and a network of 70 international distributors. Today it has more than 700 employees.



When designing and manufacturing its products and systems, Aermec focuses on every single detail with the aim to respect the environment, reduce pollution, save energy, preserve health, and improve well-being. These values are also firmly shared within the company, where the commitment to the safety and health of employees comes first. It is exactly for this reason that the company has decided to adapt the racking systems inside its long-standing Bevilacqua warehouse and make them earthquake-resistant, and has asked the Ferretto Group to develop this important project.

The work of a good logistics partner never ends with the installation. Indeed, it is precisely from that moment that the challenge to ensure maximum warehouse efficiency and continuous technological improvement begins. A challenge that also, and above all, involves continuous support and consulting to the customer. The work done for Aermec is proof of this. The internal technical department of the Ferretto Group has in fact carried out a study on the already existing racking at the Aermec facilitiy in Verona. In particular, the components to be replaced were identified and the necessary interventions aimed at making the structure resistant in the event of seismic events were defined.
The results of the study therefore guided the redevelopment and modernization project: the racking was completely dismantled; the frames were replaced with similar elements and the insertion of cross bracing sets completed the structure in compliance with anti-seismic regulations; finally, the system was reassembled, re-utilizing the existing beams.
Thanks to the work of the Ferretto Group, Aermec was able to intervene on the existing structure, thus optimizing the investment, and now has a safer and more versatile industrial racking system suitable for storing products and items of different weights and sizes.

  • Make the existing racking system safer
  • Optimize space by making the system more versatile and suitable for storing products of different weights and sizes
  • Earthquake-resistant pallet racking structure with retractable forklifts, designed with 4 load levels + ground
  • Each load level was sized to support 2,400 kg
  • The racks are equipped with protections on each upright and on the heads to prevent damage during the handling of the ULs with the forklifts
Technical features:
  • In order to increase storage versatility, the shelves of the racking were equipped with gridded surfaces suitable for managing ULs of different sizes and to create continuous support surfaces
  • In consideration of the anti-seismic design, the following solutions were adopted: 1. higher performance materials were used, for example high strength steels for the uprights; 2. all structures were anchored to the floor with chemical anchors consisting of a threaded bar and resin; 3. all beams were bolted; 4. bracings were used at each level
Added value:
  • The system is now safer and, in the event of seismic events, can ensure greater resistance and resilience
The storage systems in figures:
System surface area:
8,600 m2
Racking system height:
8 m
Load levels:
4 + ground
Maximum UL weight:
600 kg
Earthquake-resistant storage surface:
6,000 m2

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