Asendia Italy opts for automated logistics with vertical lift modules
Ferretto Group guided the major logistics and shipping company through its transition to automation. Vertimag vertical storage systems are the answer to the challenges of an ever-changing market.

Sector: Logistics and national and international shipping services
Location: Milan

Established in 2012, Asendia is the result of the joint venture between La Poste and Swiss Post, and today it is one of the world's leading players in the international distribution of mail and parcels. Thanks to its expertise and logistics network, Asendia Italy can meet the needs of companies in e-commerce, Direct Marketing, Business Mail and Press & Publishing while at the same time offering integrated logistics solutions. The wide range of parcel services available is designed to improve the e-commerce experience of companies and their customers, wherever they are.



Asendia supports the supply chain of major brands as well as start-ups, managing the entire logistics process: goods storage and order preparation, product customisation, worldwide shipping including customs support, real-time inventory and returns management.

In order to be able to offer a more efficient and complete service, Asendia Italy decided to revolutionize its logistics processes, turning to automation to improve its daily activities and respond to a constantly evolving market in which flexibility is a key success factor. And all this should be achieved also by optimizing storage areas.

Asendia Italy chose Ferretto Group as its partner and guide in the transition to automation. The Vicenza-based company identified Vertimag as the most effective solution for the company’s specific requirements. The installation of automated vertical storage systems has made it possible to optimize the available space and improve flow and stock management thanks to automation, while at the same time guaranteeing high flexibility based on the characteristics of the items to be stored and the trends in demand. In addition, the exclusive Ergo-Tech bay ensures that picking operations can be carried out in a more precise, more ergonomic and faster way. All this has improved the quality of work, with an increase in productivity also due to the sliding console and the alphanumeric LED bar, and has also enhanced the general safety of operators and goods.

  • Support the growth of the company by reorganizing storage space for finished goods
  • Optimize picking activities by facilitating order preparation
  • Improve inventory management by increasing checks on products and the related inbound and outbound flows
  • Reduce errors
  • Speed up order preparation, also managing seasonal peaks
  • Maximize e-commerce productivity
  • Vertimag automatic vertical storage systems
  • An Ergo-Tech picking bay providing perfect ergonomics for operators picking and placing materials
  • A sliding console and an alphanumeric LED bar for easier picking procedures and faster order preparation
Value added:
  • Flexibility according to the characteristics of the items
  • Optimization of space
  • A safer working environment for operators
  • Better space management, making the most of the height in the storage area
  • Faster order preparation thanks to the accessories provided (sliding console and alphanumeric LED bar)
  • Real-time stock management
  • Safe storage of goods
  • Process innovation

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