Atelier Fragranze Milano - Innovates its logistics with Vertimag EF

Sector: Fragrance producer

Location: Milan

Atelier Fragranze Milano - Innovates its logistics with Vertimag EF 
Atelier Fragranze Milano chose the Ferretto Group's vertical automated storage systems to upgrade its logistics. The result of process innovation combines optimized space, simplified order preparation and continuous traceability of each item in stock.

AFM - Fragrances crafted with great attention to details and cutting-edge technologies
Atelier Fragranze Milano is a leading Italian fragrance producer with an entirely "Made in Italy" range of perfumery, home care and body care products. Its production process is based on attention to detail combined with precision and cutting-edge technology.



Continuous growth and an increase in orders generated a double need for ATM: it was necessary to reorganize the space available for storage on the one hand and to reorganize production management on the other. To address these needs, AFM asked the Ferretto Group to develop and implement the technologies required for the automation of its logistics department. The solution proposed by the Ferretto Group was based on the installation of its the Vertimag EF vertical automatic storage system for the storage and handling of the products used to create fragrances.

The new, fully automated logistics structure enabled AFM to simplify and speed up picking operations, thus increasing productivity.

Operators can also report any discrepancies found in the inventory. The management system makes the necessary adjustments immediately, all without the use of paper documents.

  • Reorganize the available storage space
  • Simplify picking operations
  • Increase production
  • Simplify order preparation
  • Improve stock traceability
  • Increase stock protection and cleanliness
  • Automate and upgrade the production process
  • No. 1 VERTIMAG EF storage system - Single bay, 4.445 m high
  • No. 17 trays - 4,250 x 840 mm - 300 Kg load capacity each
Added value:
  • Process innovation
  • Optimization of available storage space
  • Simplification of order preparation
  • Continuous traceability of handling operations and inventory
The storage systems in figures:
Total height of vertical storage system
4,445 mm
External dimensions (D x W)
3,074 mm x 4,734 mm
Tray dimensions (D x W)
840 mm x 4,250 mm
Total number of trays
Total surface of trays
60.69 m2
Useful storage volume
18.21 m3

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