ISB Industries

Sector: Industrial components

Location: Rubiera - Reggio Emilia

Automation by Ferretto Group for ISB’s 4.0 logistics hub

The automated storage system designed and built by Ferretto Group for the Emilian company, able to store up to 56,000 pallets and manage 70,000 codes, is an example of intelligent logistics based on integration, traceability and scalability.

Thanks to continuous investment in the creation of a solid distribution network in Italy and abroad, ISB Industries is a global leader in the supply of bearings and industrial automation components for customers from a wide range of sectors pointing to industry 4.0.
With the aim to keep growing and offer national and international customers more efficient logistics services, the company has made significant investments in the last two years, including the creation of a strategic logistic hub in Rubiera, Emilia.


In addition to increasing storage capacity, it was required to improve goods management and traceability while at the same time optimizing flowsand speeding up order processing.
The Ferretto Group took on this ambitious challenge and, after 15 months of study and analysis, a 2,510 square meterself-supporting automatic storage system was actually constructed in one year.
It was designed to handle inbound and outbound flows of pallets as well as picking/refilling and depalletizingoperations. The new storage system has 7 stacker cranes which can handle up to 135 pallets per hour. The inbound and outbound pallets are conveyed by means of a circuit with 5 Fast Ring steering shuttles. An anthropomorphic robot automatically de-palletizes of the load units at the end of the line.
The Ferretto Group's job, however, was not limited to the design and construction of the storage system. Its technicians supported ISB during all the initial phasesafter commissioning, in order to increase awareness of the system’s potential: from the supply specifications to the development of a new traceability system, from product packaging specifications to the redefinition of the warehouses ABC curves.
Thus, Ferretto Groups successfully responded to the needs of ISB Industries' new 4.0 logistics hub. The self-supporting automatic storage system constructed in Rubierahas tripledstorage capacity and allowed materials to be reorganized in an orderly and traceable manner, making handling operations both quicker and safer.

  • Provide an automated storage solution aimed at improving the management and distribution of the finished product
  • Improve traceability and management of both inbound (production area) and outbound (shipping area) products
  • Support the company's growth prospects
  • Automatic self standing storage system integrating production and shipment with a solid storage solution for the finished product
  • No. 7 stacker cranes equipped with forklift systems
  • Single and double depth shelving on 20 load levels
  • Both inbound and outbound loads are served by a perimeter circuit with 5 Fast Ring steering shuttles
  • Anthropomorphic robot for load units depalletization
Technical characteristics
  • The entire plant, consisting of 1,000 tons of steel, was designed according to anti-seismic regulations
Value added
  • Improved goods management and traceability
  • Increased storage capacity
  • Improved order management
  • Full customer satisfaction, as the project has shown to be consistent with the company’s growth expectations
The storage system in numbers
Total area
2,510 m²
Load unit
euro-pallet 800x1,200-800x600 mm
Total capacity
56,000 pallets
Storage system height
25 meters
Load levels
Type and number of stacker cranes
7 stacker cranes with forks
5 Fast Ring handling shuttles

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