Client: Barba Stathis
Sector: Food - Frozen products
Location: Thessaloniki - Greece

To meet the challenges that come with steady growth, Barba Stathis has decided to focus on innovation and has chosen a Ferretto Group self-supporting automatic storage system. It is a structure that provides a total of more than 2,000 square meters for storage of more than 10,000 pallets and controlled temperature at -20°C: in this way the Greek company has optimized space, made logistics management more efficient, and increased safety.


Barba Stathis is a Greek company of the Vivartia group that produces and distributes frozen vegetables. Thanks to its many years of experience, today it is the leaders in a highly competitive market: its products are sold in Greece, and also in other parts of Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East. To maintain its position and achieve its growth objectives, the company has developed an important Research and Development program. In particular, it focused on innovation as regards the preservation and treatment of products and as regards the company's entire organizational and production process. A revolution where upgrading the logistics is a key element.

The progressively increasing number of orders, in fact, led to insufficient warehouse space and the manual management of products was clearly no longer suited to the company's objectives. Thus Barba Stathis turned to the Ferretto Group which assisted the former in all evaluating and revising the entire logistics structure. Based on these evaluations, the Vicenza-based company designed and installed a storage system for both semi-finished and finished products, which can be used by the production and shipping departments through specific flows.

The Ferretto Group self-supporting automatic storage system manages 10,500 multi-depth pallet spaces, thus ensuring the optimization and reorganization of space. The system, which operates at a controlled temperature of -20°C, guarantees the proper preservation of products and handles 30 inbound pallets and 30 outbound pallets per hour, serving both the production and the shipment department for a maximum of 20 hours a day, 7 days a week. The new system has also reduced the manual handling of goods, thus increasing safety for both operators and the stored goods themselves.

  • Optimize space for the storage of semi-finished products and finished products.
  • Make production processes more efficient by ensuring the proper management of the flow of both semi-finished and finished products
  • Improve inventory control and establish an interconnection between departments
  • Speed up order preparation and improve customer service
  • Self-supporting automatic storage system in a cold room at a controlled temperature of -20°C for both production and shipping
  • Multi-depth seismic-resistant pallet racking with 9 load levels. Pallet picking and storage managed by 2 stacker cranes supported by shuttles
  • Areas adjacent to the materials entries and exits are organized so as to facilitate two-way flows. In fact, the structure has different entries and exits for the semi-finished products still to be processed and the finished products ready for shipping
Technical features:
  • The structure was also designed to be energy efficient. The Customer was given the opportunity to install a photovoltaic system on the roof of the structure
  • Each aisle has 9 pallet spaces in depth on one side and 4 on the other to enable the Customer to store items with high rotation flows in the channels with fewer spaces and use the side with more spaces for those SKUs produced in large quantities
  • "Compensation rooms" were set up at the entry and exit points of the storage structure to prevent temperature changes and the formation of frost on doors and floors
  • The racking complies with the earthquake resistance properties specified by the current EU directives
Added value:
  • Optimized storage space
  • Increased productivity
  • More efficient and quicker operations in the production and shipping departments
  • More efficient inventory management thanks to the centralization of storage activities
  • Increased safety for operators
The storage systems in figures:
Total surface:
2,184 square meters
Building height:
25 m
Load unit:
Load unit dimensions:
800 x 1,200 x h 2,000 Weight 1,000 kg
Maximum storage capacity:
10,500 pallets
Type and number of stacker cranes:
2 supported by shuttles

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