Sector: Company operating in the production and moulding of plastics and LED technology for lighting

Place: Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza)

Vertimag EF, the best solution for optimising space and expanding production

Bibetech, a company with extensive experience in the plastic moulding sector, thanks to the installation of Vertimag EF vertical storage systems has not only reduced its warehouse space, but also improved management of the moulds used to manufacture its range of products.

  • Reduce the area used to store the moulds for plastics, making the most of the available height
  • Optimise picking times for products in trays
  • Reorganise the positioning of goods for better usability and availability when supplying the production line
  • Two Vertimag EF 84 S 1000-BES vertical storage systems - H = 7.945 mm with single external bay
  • 30 trays, H = 150, size 840 mm x 2,450 mm, painted, W = 990 kg
  • Integration of the warehouse into the company’s operations
Technical details:
  • WMS management software directly connected to the company’s ERP
  • Using the external bay, the moulds can be taken out of storage at an ergonomic height and in complete safety, using a jib crane manage by the operator
Added value:
  • Reduction of storage surface area
  • Shorter mould changeover times during production
  • Faster production
  • Increased operator safety
  • Greater control and protection of stored products
The storage systems in figures:
Total height of vertical storage system
7,945 mm
External dimensions (D x W)
3,074 mm x 2,934 mm
Tray dimensions (D x W)
840 mm x 2,450 mm
Total number of trays
Total shelving surface area
61.74 m2
Useful storage volume
23.68 m3
Surface area occupied by the storage system
9.02 m2
Max. storage system load capacity
70,000 kg

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