Carraro Drive Tech

Commodity sector: Manufacturer of components for agricultural, earth moving, industrial, automotive and material handling machinery.

Location: Padua - Italy


A highly versatile, earthquake resistant pallet racking system, suited to contain a wide range of products of different weights and sizes, has been developed by the Ferretto Group for the Carraro Group’s production centre in Padua.

The pallet racking systems designed and installed according to earthquake regulations are more reliable, last longer and guarantee greater resistance and resilience in case of seismic events.
This is the idea that guided Carraro Drive Tech, a Carraro Group company that designs, produces and markets axles, transmissions, and steel gears for various applications, from earth moving machines to agricultural tractors, from light commercial vehicles to forklift trucks, as well as for industrial applications.
The new structure designed to support the production at the Group's headquarters in Padua had to be characterized by high storage flexibility, since it was intended to house items for 7 different types of unit loads.
The Ferretto Group's Design Division proposed a 13-level earthquake resistant pallet racking system, perfect for space optimization.
In fact, thanks to the addition of a 3rd and a 4th stringer parallel to the main beams, the structure manages 10.423 ULs of various weights and sizes, positioned on pallets and on metal containers.
The cantilever bays located on the heads of the pallet racking allow the company to optimize the performance of the very narrow aisle trucks both in the picking and in the storage phase.

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  • To build a storage system for a production facility using 7 different types of unit loads, including pallets and metal containers
  • To design a highly versatile solution that ensures the storage of unit loads of various sizes in any position
  • To maximize storage capacity while maintaining the required threshold of 10.000 ULs
  • Heavy-duty earthquake resistant pallet racking structure served by a very narrow aisle truck, built using frames and stringers on 13 load levels and 9 aisles with a total storage capacity of 10.423 ULs
  • Each load level is sized to bear a weight of 2.400 kg/5,291 lbs and is equipped with a 3rd and a 4th stringer in order to guarantee that all unit loads are positioned safely. The vertical components are designed for a static load of 28.800 kg/63,493 lbs and for a peak ground acceleration corresponding to the nature of installation`s site
Technical details:
  • The storage system has cantilever bays to facilitate the movements of the very narrow aisle truck both in the picking and in the storage phase
  • In order to design an earthquake resistant storage system, the following solutions were adopted: 1. Use of high-performance materials such as special steels 2. All structures fixed to the floor with chemical expansion anchors consisting of a threaded bar and resin 3. Bolting of all stringers 4. Cross bracing at each level
Added value:
  • The entire structure, consisting of earthquake resistant shelving, was designed and built to better manage different types of unit loads while at the same time optimizing the use of space and the storage capacity, thus meeting the customer’s needs
The storage systems in figures:
Building surface area
2.340 m² /25,187 sqft
Height under building beam
16 meters/52.49’
Structure height
15 meters/49.21’
Load levels
no. 12 + ground level
Total storage capacity
10.423 ULs (Unit Loads)

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