Da Rold Spa

Product sector:Logistics and transport

Place:Belluno - Italy

Da Rold chose the Ferretto Group's metal racking for their new sorting hub

Da Rold is a leading Italian company which since over 60 years is operating in logistic transportation and outsourcing offering. Customer centricity and high standard services have been their main mission statement. That’s why Da Rold has chosen the Ferretto Group to improve the services provided to their partners operating in a variety of businesses. The request was quite straightforward and concerned the creation of their new sorting hub in Northern Italy. The solution, an anti-seismic pallet storage system, enabled the company to improve order management, optimize space, and enhance product traceability.



Da Rold faced with the need to concentrate the materials to be shipped in a single hub, it relied on the experience of Ferretto Group, which developed an anti-seismic pallet racking system served by retractable forklifts in a 18,000 m2 area. The structure has 6 levels + floor space.
Thanks to its design features, the new storage system has improved space management and product availability, thus ensuring a reduction in order preparation times and a high standard of customer service, with no compromise on safety.

  • Maximize storage capacity with an ideal threshold of 30,000 ULs
  • Improve product management and availability for the preparation of orders
  • Anti-seismic pallet racking system with 6 loading levels, served by retractable forklifts and built using frames and beams
Technical details:
  • In order to design a seismic-resistant storage system, special attention was paid to the following: 1. Use of high-performance materials such as special steels 2. Structures anchored to the floor with chemical anchors consisting of a threaded bar and resin 3. Bolted beams 4. Cross bracing at each level
Added value:
  • The entire structure, consisting of seismic-resistant shelves, was designed and built to optimize space management, maximize storage capacity and speed up order preparation
The storage systems in figures:
Building surface area:
18,000 m2
Metal racking height:
10.5 m
Loading levels:
6 + ground level
Unit loads:
Europallet 800 x 1,200 mm
Total storage capacity:
30,000 ULs

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