Deima: E-Commerce - New storage needs for just in time logistics
Vertimag automatic vertical storage systems are the right solution for faster, more accurate and smarter logistics.

Client: Deima Srl
Sector: logistics and processing of e-commerce orders
Location: Brescia

A reorganization carried out to support growth and ensure better customer service
Deima is a company located in the province of Brescia, specialized in logistics management, order preparation, and distribution in Italy and abroad of many product categories: from cosmetics, clothing, and footwear to household appliances. The company manages the supply chain of top brands: it organizes orders of products up through shipment to the points of sale and manages the online shop, sending the goods purchased directly to the end customer. The growth of e-commerce and new consumer purchasing behaviors have led more and more brands from various sectors to turn to Deima with the aim of achieving high-quality standards in logistics services: fast and accurate shipments, minimization of errors, as well as proper storage of products. In order to support growth prospects and offer more efficient and complete services, Deima decided to upgrade its logistics structure, shifting from the manual order preparation paradigm based on traditional shelving to one based on the automated management of products.




The Ferretto Group supported Deima in this critical change of direction with a project that led to the reorganization of space and the installation of four Vertimag anti-seismic vertical storage systems. Overall, the system has a footprint of just 69 square meters but a storage capacity of 867 square meters.

Thanks to the Vertimag automatic vertical storage systems, Deima has reorganized the storage of goods in an orderly and traceable manner, making handling activities faster and safer.

  • Reorganize and optimize the available storage space
  • Increase the speed of order preparation
  • Improve the traceability and management of stock and minimize errors
  • Support the company’s growth prospects
  • 4 Vertimag 103XL anti-seismic automatic vertical storage systems for the management of B2B and B2C orders ready to be shipped
  • Ergo-Tech picking bays which ensure exceptional ergonomics during picking and placing activities
  • Management software interconnected with the corporate ERP with an Industry 4.0 approach
Added value:
  • Improved traceability and management of goods
  • Increased storage capacity
  • Improved order management
  • Full customer satisfaction thanks to a project which is consistent with their growth expectations
The storage system in figures: No. 4 Vertimag 103 XL300 equipped with Ergo-Tech bays
Total height of the vertical storage systems
7,261 mm
External dimensions (D x W)
3,661 mm x 4,755 mm
Tray dimensions (D x W)
1,030 mm x 4,250 mm
Load capacity of trays
300 kg
Total number of trays
Total storage area
867 m²
Storage system footprint
69 m²

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