Dolciaria Gadeschi

Product sector:Confectionery

Location:Cremona - Italy

Dolciaria Gadeschi: Vertimag EF transforms the company's warehouse

The historic company from Cremonahas chosen to shift from static shelving to an automatic vertical solution by the Ferretto Group. As a result, Vertimag EF has reduced the footprint of the storage space and optimized the management system, guaranteeing increased safety and more reliable management and handling of products and stock.

Dolciaria Gadeschi, a well-established company that is part of the Lameri Group, has been producing traditional Italian biscuits such as amaretti, cantucci and meringues since 1970.
When it realized that the production area needed to be reorganized, the company turned to the Ferretto Group for a solution that should meet some specific needs: greater order and cleanliness, control and protection of materials, and space optimization to increase the production area.In particular,the storage area needed space for both the materials used for the finished product and the materials used by the workshop department for the maintenance of the company's machinery.


The Ferretto Group technicians proposed to replace the static shelving with a Vertimag EF Vertical Automatic Storage System. This solution would make it possible to exploit the available vertical space and guarantee the necessary flexibility of use.
The goal was achieved. The storage area was reorganized in just 17square meters: inside 40 trays, managed with dedicated access, there are now both the labels for the finished product and the equipment and spare parts used for the maintenance of the production department's machinery. Thanks to Vertimag EF, Dolciaria Gadeschi has been able to improve space management, optimize inventory control and management, and preserve the stored materials.

  • Reorganize and optimize the storage space
  • Manage the storage of labels for the finished product, as well as tools and spare parts necessary for the maintenance of the production machines with the same solution
  • Increase stored material control and the related incoming and outgoing flows
  • Improve inventory management
  • Guarantee maximum protection of the stored material
  • No. 1 Vertimag EF 103 XL 800 automatic vertical storage system with single internal bay
Technical characteristics:
  • WMS management software directly connected to the company's ERP
  • Ground storage area management software
  • Dedicated access to trays based on the department to which the warehouse operators belong
  • Barcode reader to improve operation and dividers’ kit for trays compartment
Added value:
  • Reduction of the surface area dedicated to storage
  • Increased order and cleanliness within the structure
  • Greater protection and control of goods
  • Improved inventory management
  • Increased operator safety
The storage systems in figures:
Storage system height
7,145 mm
External dimensions (D x W)
3,644 mm x 4,734 mm
Tray dimensions (D x W)
1,030 mm x 4,250 mm
Total number of trays
Total surface of shelves
175 m²
Useful storage volume
43,78 m³
17,25 m²

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