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Ferramenta Battisti

  • Reduce the area occupied by the warehouse, making the most of the height available
  • Reorganise and speed-up order preparation processes
  • Optimise material picking time
  • Reorganise the department to bring it in line with the rest of the company’s upgraded procedures
  • Vertimag EF 65 XL550-2GIO automated vertical storage system. side 1 - internal bay with Ergo-Tech system for intensive order placement. side 2 - opposing internal bay with Ergo-Tech system for picking orders to be shipped
  • Positioning on load distribution plates for location on a heated floor
  • Integration of the warehouse into the company’s operations
  • Standard customer colours consistent with its corporate brand identity
Technical details:
  • WMS management software directly connected to the company’s ERP
  • .
Added value:
  • Reduction of the warehouse surface area
  • Improved management of material lists, both incoming and outgoing
  • Optimisation of stored volumes
  • Optimisation of material location times
  • Increased operator safety
The storage systems in figures:
Total height of vertical storage system
6,045 mm
External dimensions (D x W)
2,504 mm x 4,734 mm
Tray dimensions (D x W)
650 mm x 4,250 mm
Total number of trays
Total shelving surface area
82.88 m2
Useful storage volume
14.50 m3
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